German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 27 , rest assured that we will take all necessary steps to stay up-to-date. We are also further strengthening our digital skills. For instance, we have just established a digital proof platform for our clients, where they can communicate and exchange ideas with our photo and graphic colleagues. We will also enhance our skills as a partner in agile project structures. And we will always stay flexible in order to fulfil the requirements of our customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.” Company: Michael Tobias Content Marketing Ltd Contact: Michael Tobias Email: [email protected] Website: Nov21170 Most Innovative Chemicals PR Agency – Europe An owner-managed agency with roots in Birmingham, UK and Solingen, Germany, Michael Tobias Content Marketing (MTCM) is an award-winning public relations and communications agency that helps clients take their businesses to the next level. In light of the company’s award success, we got in touchwith its owner, Michael Tobias to learnmore. Michael Tobias has a more than 20-year track record of delivering content marketing, both in German and English, on behalf of various clients, mainly in the chemical and life science sector. He has a fascination with the thrilling communication tasks that chemical and life science companies need to handle. He therefore wanted to create a communication agency that perfectly fits to the needs of clients from these companies, and Michael Tobias Content Marketing is the result. With clients including two DAX- listed companies, MTCM is one of the top 9 PR firms in the chemical sector in Germany, according to Pfeffer’s PR Ranking 2020. Also in 2020, Michael Tobias was named One of the 100 Brightest PR Minds in Germany. Michael has formed an excellent team with competencies such as film production and photography, and the company has a consistent culture of training and professional development. Speaking about MTCM, Michael said, “This company is a great place to be and I’m very proud of our achievements. Our team makes the difference. Each and every team member knows how to tell great stories and how to deliver consistently reliable, interesting and newsworthy content to the target groups of our clients. This is our great asset and, with continuous development, we are constantly strengthening this advantage.” Michael believes his team’s ability to keep developing and adapt fast to upcoming changes is their most prominent achievement to date, because the need for professional content is increasing. And MTCM’s goal is to create and deliver content with impact, as Michael goes on to say. “It’s not about the channel, it’s about the quality of the content itself. I admit that the ways of reaching a particular target group and the form of presentation is changing rapidly. Photos and videos are gaining ground, for instance. In some situations, they have already become more important than text. “To keep pace with this change, we have developed our skills in that direction. And that is the key: PR firms that keep up with the times still have a bright future ahead of them. They have advantages over other communication agencies because of their ability to flexibly adapt and extend their skills in order to deliver reliable and inspiring content to various target groups. And so, I truly believe that the social media age is still very much the age of PR firms.” Next, we asked Michael how being based in Germany benefits his business. He said, “Our offices are located next to Südpark, where the Product Design Forum pools the design know-how of the city, and where artists use 16 studios set up in the former railway depots as working and living space. The location thus provides an appropriate creative environment for our agency. But to be frank, our thinking is multinational. We are not a local company. We are an international company, based in Solingen. And in our diverse team, you will find many influences and strengths.” Michael and his team are now indeed looking towards a bright future with the intention of continuing to cultivate their photography and film production skills and further enhance their technical equipment. Michael said, “This is a growing branch of our work and we will continue investing. Our customers can