German Business Awards 2021

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , Oct21851 Best Cloud Sharing Solutions Company 2021 LeitzCloud, a company serving the growing need for cloud-based storage solutions in the Germanmarket, has built a diverse client base since its founding. From small companies to large enterprises, it has seen clients in fields such as financial, legal, construction, healthcare, government, municipalities andmore come to it for a new, better way to apply cloud storage solutions to their everyday working life. LeitzCloud is happy to help in this endeavour, always working tomake itself the best of the best in its industry in order to bring the world of online storage into a renewed, safer, andmore reliable age. A full-service cloud storage solution that has been serving the German corporate world since its inception, LeitzCloud started as an exclusive collaboration with the multinational company Leitz, based in Stuttgart. Since its inception, the company has helped thousands of its clients to grow and develop their businesses by aiding them with the implementation, service, and expansion of their various cloud software needs. Fundamentally, this has proven an exemplary solution that its market segment has responded incredibly well to. Its dedicated service employees take great care of its clients around the clock and with incredibly levels of diligence, backed up by the incredible knowledge of their industry and the company’s services that each of them displays with every interaction. Additionally, LeitzCloud has made a name for itself by being trustworthy and reliable from top to bottom. By delivering a 99.99% uptime and big attention to privacy, it sets itself apart from many of its peers and secures it as an incredibly well-designed and business-friendly cloud storage solution, fit for all manner of clients and businesses. It promises that due to this, 100% of its clients’ data will be safe and secure, and that all data is stored in German Data Centers on privately owned servers and infrastructure, allowing its clients increased peace of mind. Since its founding, its growing roster of clients have responded to its hard work and diligence by leaving it glowing reviews that continually speak of its elegance, sophistication, and suitability for business needs. Thanks to such reviews, feedback, and word of mouth referrals, it finds itself on a continual path towards further growth and development, forever excited to welcome new clients into the fold who have come to it after hearing about its services due to the commendations awarded to it by a previous customer. In essence, this is one of the most important marketing tools out there. Moreover, it shows clients old, new, and prospective that it can be trusted with its clients’ data, and due to its personal contact and reliable service, the reputation for reliability that it boasts has been incredibly well-earned, happy to say that after it on-boards a new client it very rarely sees them leave. With a German label of excellence attached to it that bolsters its pedigree, LeitzCloud guarantees that a client will know where their data and the data of their stakeholders is at all times. In addition, thanks to the transition to home working and recent changes to privacy policy, LeitzCloud has been working hard in order to adapt to each of these changing paradigms, showing its sophistication during the transitional period and happy to see cloud-based storage solutions becoming more incorporated into the wider business landscape. Furthermore, thanks to its customer-first mentality, it promises that it will be using the developments made during this time of change to directly benefit the client, making on-boarding easier and expanding into other departments to produce new features solely based on client feedback. Company: LeitzCloud by vBoxx Contact: Valentijn Koppenaal Website: