German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 21 , on multilingualism of young people during their education. It also looks for staff who are keen to keep training and learning, so it continues to offer young people extensive training within the company. In addition to getting insights related to international HR management, they are given a fixed area of responsibility in which they can gain important experience, grow, and take on responsibility with confidence right from the start. IAC’s central location is an advantage to employees and customers alike, as it can be easily reached from all parts of Germany, whether by road or rail. This is important, as it not only offers its comprehensive variety of seminars in its Kassel office, but it regularly holds inhouse seminars for different companies all over Germany. Its location of Germany is also excellent because it means it is part of CET (Central European Time), meaning it can adapt its working hours flexibly and that it can contact its HR counterparts from all over the world in good time and avoid delays in processes. However, the closing of borders across the world at the beginning of the pandemic made the process of secondment extremely difficult, if not impossible. Now, although the situation has improved, some firms are still very reluctant to send their employees overseas, be it for a one-day trade fair in Austria or a long-term assignment. In addition, many companies are still working from home and increasingly, appointments and meetings are carried out digitally and online rather than in person. It remains to be seen as to whether the world will ever return to the pre-pandemic situation. Aside from the effects of the pandemic, IAC sees a trend towards more and more cross-border activities and postings. Due to globalisation, the area of global mobility is becoming more important. Companies need to be well positioned in the area in order to fulfil their duty of care as employers and ensure compliance. Through its network alliance, IAC is able to directly support its clients during this difficult time and help as unbureaucratically as possible. IAC is now looking ahead towards further developing its digitalisation strategy. With its innovative online tool, EASY ACCESS, it offers its clients an effortless solution to enter all necessary data for the notification of business trips and installations. The tool reduces bureaucracy and the end customer receives their final registration quickly, digitally and securely. Company: IAC Unternehmensberatung GmbH Contact: Kai Mütze Email: [email protected] Website: