Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 69 , Jay O’Brien successfully directs the growth and product direction at BP Logix and has done for the last six years. He tells us more about the firmand its plans for future growth. Pioneers in Software BP Logix is a pioneer in business process management and Process Timeline™ technology. The firm is a provider of software that unites IT and business users and enables them to deploy sophisticated, form-based, workflow-driven enterprise apps in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. BP Logix helps customers from pharmaceuticals and life sciences to manufacturing and government (and across organizational boundaries) to achieve their goals of automation, reliability and scalability. Jay O’Brien is co-founder of BP Logix and has been the company’s CEO for the last six years. He is responsible for guiding the architectural direction of the company, as well as leading BP Logix in new technologies and partnerships. “I come from a family of entrepreneurs who are also leaders,” explains Jay. “While I didn’t aspire specifically (and initially) to the position of CEO, I believe that I have the skills to drive our company forward and have embraced the challenge.” “Previously, I served as Chief Technical Officer for both BP Logix and iMarkup Solutions,” explains Jay. “At iMarkup Solutions, and also at Peregrine Software, we won awards based on our expertise in authentication, security and encryption.” And the awards don’t stop there… Recently, Jay and his team were awarded the prestigious title of Colwell by Corporate America. Jay tells us how it feels to be recognised for his hard work in this jurisdiction. “It is always exciting to be acknowledged for our expertise by thought leaders, customers and colleagues. We have won awards based on our technology, as well as patents, and awards where we have been nominated by customers. That is truly the mix that we seek and appreciate!” In addition his personal achieve- ments, Jay is quick to sing the praises of his dedicated team. “I like to surround myself with the best and brightest in the industry. I believe that an idea would remain just that if it were not for talented engineers that can turn ideas into products. It then takes talented staff that can leverage that technology to market and sell it— and amazing support staff that embrace and maintain the technology (and who are happy to help others understand and use it.)” Jay likes to ensure he stays ahead of the curve by constantly re-evaluating the industry in order to recognize changes and patterns in the market. This helps him to respond accordingly by making appropriate changes to product direction. “Some of the larger companies in our space react with the nimbleness of a freight train. By the time they recognize an opportunity, they are too late,” comments Jay. ”That is why being nimble and responsive is a mark of who we, at BP Logix, are. “While it’s true that keeping up with new technology is becoming more challenging every day, we have outlets including social media that provide an ongoing stream of information. That allows a lot of new ideas to become visible fairly quickly – then we can drill down for more in-depth information. We also have the benefit of working with thought leaders and industry luminaries who like to share their perspective as to what is new and exciting. We are seeing traditionally the more heavily regulated and conservative industries, such as healthcare and financial services, now embracing the benefits of the cloud, a technology that emerged very quickly and grew dynamically.” Regarding the future, Jay is excited about the continued growth of BP Logix and partnerships that leverage the opportunity to embed its software in an end-to-end solution that addresses an unmet market need. “Since I am an entrepreneur, first and foremost, I have always been fascinated with the ability to use technology in non-obvious ways. There have been great advances in optics, so I wonder why no one has created a new turf for sports fields – one that incorporates lighting technology to actually light the field itself. Having coached soccer for over 10 years, I have reflected on why we have to spend so much time setting up cones and lines for drills at practice. I would like to have a tablet that enables me to click on a previously engineered design that draws the drill on the turf itself. During games it would be useful for fans to see real-time markers on the field. With NFL football games, TV broadcasters show a virtual first down marker. That should be on the field itself. The other issue for schools is that the turf fields are being used by many sports now: football, soccer, field hockey, track and field, etc. Each of those sports is drawing permanent lines on the field which is making it more difficult to see which ones are relevant to a specific sport. Instead, the current sport should light the appropriate lines only.” K Company: BP Logix Name: Jay O’Brien Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 410 S. Melrose Drive, Suite 100, Vista, California 92081 USA Telephone: +1 760 643 4121 1703CA11