Corp America March 2017

68 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , Laurie Traum tells us more about the firm she works for, BOV Solutions Inc., and just how innovative this product really is. Big on Bag On Valve! BOV Solutions, Inc. is a pioneer and promoter of Bag-On- Valve technology which provides a green alternative to aerosol products while delivering a continuous spray. BOV Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping its customers produce a superior product while reducing our ecological footprint through a sustainable packaging process. BOV Solutions, Inc. is a specialty contract manufacturer and packager of National brands and Store Brands in the Food, Home Care, Personal Care, and OTC categories. BOV packages more than 100 SKUs for national, regional, and foreign customers and is still growing. The firm has recently revolutionized the way that coffee is made and stored by launching its own brand of Cold Brewed Coffee in a Bag-On- Valve - QuicFix Coffee. These QuicFix Coffees have multiple patents pending and undergo the cold brew process for 24 hours to create a perfectly balanced and distinctly smooth cup of flavorful coffee whether it’s served iced cold or steaming hot. The Regular, Robust, and Decaffeinated QuicFix Coffees are all natural, convenient (no pots or pods needed), 100% recyclable, and shelf stable for three years without refrigeration. Now you can have the perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere while having your coffee your way – it’s Real Coffee, Real Quic! Paul Hertensen is CEO and founder of the firm and provides visionary and strategic leadership; Jean Hertensen is CFO and co-owner and directs the fiscal functions and implements financial goals; Jeannie Daniel- Codraro, president and SQF practitioner, directs the activities and productivity of the corporation and is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the Food Safety plan through validation and verification; and Laurie Traum’s responsibilities include procurement specialist and ensuring performance goals are met through efficient operations. Laurie tells us more about her role within the company. “I have been in my current position for four years,” she begins. “While I cannot say that I aspired to be working in the Bag- On-Valve Industry as a little girl, I can honestly say that having this opportunity has inspired me to continuously improve upon myself in order to better serve the corporation and our customers.” With regards to staff, BOV Solutions believes when the best and brightest come together, the possibilities are endless. “We foster a corporate culture while embracing the diversity and creativity of our employees,” explains Laurie. “We value honesty, trust, respect, and support the contributions of our teammates. We show respect for our employees, clients, and competitors. We maintain confidentially and follow through on our commitments. We set our goals high while encouraging responsibility and initiative on all levels to ensure our clients receive the best product on time, every time. “We encourage our team members to share their ideas, passions, and abilities. We use creativity and technology to develop new products and push the industry to the next level.” One of the main challenges BOV has faced is consumer understanding of Bag-On-Valve technology. Bag-On-Valve technology reduces the world’s ecological footprint while providing a superior dispensing system for most personal care, medical, and food products. It is part of BOV’s mission to promote Bag-On-Valve technology by educating consumers and businesses to the benefits of the Bag-On-Valve packaging system in terms of product purity and ecofriendly properties. “We are committed to continuously improving and providing our clients with quality products that meet or exceed their expectations,” states Laurie. “We are dedicated to monitoring new technology and diligently work together with our Suppliers to integrate such with the Bag- On-Valve system wherever possible.” The company’s vision is to be the trusted partner and preferred provider of packaged Bag-On- Valve products while leading the way in BOV innovation. “In the next five years, we see our manufacturing capabilities increasing in order to continuously provide unparalleled service to our customers and we will continue to employ our technical expertise to develop new product formulations.” K Company: BOV Solutions, Inc Name: Laurie Traum Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 2400 N. Essex Ave. Hernando, Florida 34442 USA Telephone: +1 352 746 6731 1703CA16