Corp America March 2017

26 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , Thomas Cubit, of Cubit and Cubit, talks frankly about the law industry, the challenges he faces and how growth is verymuch on the cards. A Stress-Free Working Environment Cubit and Cubit is a personal injury law firm located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The firm has been operating in excess of 20 years and provides personal services to its clientele regarding negligence cases that they have been involved in. The company has been recognised as one of the top law firms in Fort Lauderdale to provide these services. Thomas Cubit is the managing partner at the law offices of Cubit and Cubit, a position he has held since its inception. Prior to this, Thomas worked at a law firm specializing in insurance defense and personal injury. He tells us a little more about his role within the company and his management style. “My responsibilities are to operate and oversee the law firm. I’m a trial attorney, and I’m a member of the following state bars: Florida, New York, Tennessee and Texas. I’m also a member of the United States Supreme Court bar as well as a member of the highly acclaimed Million-Dollar Advocate forum. The Million Dollar Advocate forum grants only admissions to those who have received million- dollar verdicts. The law offices of Cubit and Cubit, and in particular Thomas M Cubit, have received multiple million-dollar verdicts.” A self-confessed macro- manager, Thomas likes to keep a stress-free working environment wherever possible. “I do not like employees stressed out, but rather I appreciate a better comfort level for them so that they are focused on their job as opposed to worrying about irrelevant things. Even if there are errors in their work, I will point them out with the anticipation that they will correct them. I do not focus on little things that are erroneous. I have been blessed with employees that have worked with me over a long tenure.” One of the greatest obstacles that Thomas faced regarding the law firm was setting up in an entirely new state and having to gain the trust of strangers. “I think it’s extremely important to create trust with all, but most importantly with those individuals that you are working with you to advance your company. When one loses trust with you, you will face headwinds and headaches throughout your career. Trust is the key to open up a business and also to alleviate worries in that business as you forward on.” Thomas is a strong believer in technology and how it can actively advance one’s knowledge. “Technology changes on a daily basis and we must ensure we always keep up with it,” he states. “In my practice the ability to gain knowledge of case law and the advancement of it, is extremely important. It will give you a clear advantage as you pursue your particular case and/ or the advancement of your entire practice. It is important for myself to be educated with the technology advancements, but also to give the opportunity to my employees to also gain that knowledge.” Similarly important to Thomas is the ability to continue to be innovative in advancing your product. “Often, in our practice we need to present our argument, and we need to get the attention of those we are trying to persuade. Many times the argument that you are advancing is quite similar to ones that you have made in the past. You must acknowledge that the individual that you are trying to persuade have heard that argument many times, so it must be accepted that you must be innovative with your argument so as to keep the audience that you were trying to persuade interested.” The firm has made great strides in the last 20 years and, with regards to the future, Thomas hopes to see more of the same. “We have advanced into handling cases on a nationwide state. Although we are based in Fort Lauderdale Florida, we handle cases throughout the entire state of Florida, as well as in New York, Texas and Tennessee. This has allowed us to handle higher profile cases, not only in Florida, but throughout voluminous states. I anticipate that we will continue to advance our firm and also provide services above and beyond our locale.” K Company: Law offices of Cubit and Cubit Contact: Thomas Cubit Address: 200 South Andrews Ave. Suite 603 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Email: [email protected] Telephone: +1 954 525 9350 Website: 1703CA02