Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 27 , Val Jordan is president and founder of AgenciesOnline and tells us more about the firm’s inception and its virtual approach. A Virtual Approach AgenciesOnline is a full-service marketing, communication, and technology company focusing on independent insurance agencies, bank-owned insurance agencies, and credit-union insurance agencies to be their one source for all their marketing needs. Val Jordan is president of the company. What follows is an overview of her role. “It is my job to relieve our clients from the burden of designing and implementing a strategic plan to grow their agencies,” she begins. “Their focus is on selling and servicing their clients while bringing in new clients - ours is to present the agency brand consistently and market the products and services of the agency to consumers and clients. It is also my job to identify new products to bring both to our members and to the insurance industry at large to enhance the independent agent in their territory.” Val has been president of AgenciesOnline since 2008 having started the firm with George Nordhaus, an icon in the insurance industry. “We saw the opportunity to fulfill a need while also assisting the agency in providing services without having to hire a full-time person,” she adds, speaking of the rationale behind the firm. “I aspire to be the ONE source independent agents come to for website, electronic/snail marketing, advertising, public relations, events, social media, prospecting and lead generating tools. “A successful agency must communicate expertly via all types of multi-media - mail, website, videos, audio, webinars, events. Most agencies merely settle for web and electronic marketing. However, these are only two components of the multi-faceted marketing program so vital to success in today’s selling environment.” The company is virtual, with staff located throughout the US; however, as Val explains, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. “With careful attention to details, we coordinate the fulfillment of monthly projects on behalf of our clients. Our aim is to keep highly effective communications continuously flowing so the client feels nurtured and taken care of. That is our mantra -- thinking ahead for what a client needs and then fulfilling that need.” Having worked in insurance headquarters and consulting for more than thirty years, Val sees challenges from all sides. “All this experience has taught me the vital ingredients of a successful marketing company. For example, it is critical to keep up with the latest technologies; however, too many agencies jump at the latest fads even though they lack the understanding to use them effectively. It is our job to access the client’s comfort level, and then introduce them to the new technologies most suited to their needs. “I also like to keep up-to- date with emerging trends within the industry. I work with robust Centers of Influence all collaborating on the latest and greatest in technology and products. “I read more than twelve different newsletters daily regarding products, carrier offerings, risk, training, and sales. Finally there are the industry magazines which I also regularly read.” It is this research that helps Val and the firm ensure that their services are always innovative and the leading choice for clients in the marketplace. “We have just introduced a new suite of compliance and risk products,” Val states. “Our comprehensive research revealed most agencies are not in compliance. They don’t have the training in place to protect themselves and their employees from privacy concerns and state compliance requirements. So, we partnered with NetGen Data Securities to offer the agencies the necessary tools to put them in compliance. “We then partnered with BeneTechs to make a series of risk products available that answer some of the questions agencies are asked by their clients. For example, we have a product that reduces Employment Practices Liability exposure by providing best practice policies and procedures. We also have to deal with the challenges faced by caregivers of senior parents or adult children. These risk products assist the client with valuable resources to provide them peace of mind. “We are always looking for partners to bring to the industry who help each agent differentiate themselves from “just” being a provider of insurance products into a vital member of their client’s financial management team.” With regards to the future, Val predicts big things for AgenciesOnline. “In five years our company will be recognized as THE leader in the industry offering the best products and services to enhance the agent’s success. “It is a great time in insurance. While online buying is popular, at the end of the day, insurance requires a broker who advises a client on the products and services that best fulfill their needs. It is not about buying a product, but rather building a long-term relationship as a member of their risk transfer team. “The agent role is as important as it has always been - maybe even more so since the risks facing us are much more complex than ever before.” K Company: AgenciesOnline Name: Valerie Jordan Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 2329 Old Lexington Hwy, Chapin South Carolina 29036, USA Telephone: +1 888 985 3331 1702CA26