Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 19 , Jodi Laliberte is CEO of, Sort, Toss, Pack; Odds & Ends Again consignment store; and OEA Realty. She explains more about the rationale behind her trio of companies following her success inwinning the CEO toWatch 2017 –Minnesota award. Three is the Magic Number Jodi tells us more about her entrepreneurial approach and the businesses that she runs. “I have developed a three part business model which includes a real estate brokerage, moving company and estate liquidations with a retail store,” she explains. “My clients are seniors that are downsizing or the heirs to their estates. We begin with an assessment of the current living situation and determine a plan of action to coordinate sorting, packing, moving, selling the home and the personal property.” Jodi is the general manager and oversees the staff that operate the store and the downsizing/ moving company, as well as acting as the broker for the real estate company. “I am also involved in sales, marketing, and public relations. I continue to author proprietary training modules as well. In addition, I am responsible for recruitment of new real estate agents.” Jodi has been a realtor for 16 years and a broker for 10. She launched the current three companies she operates in 2011 as she had to create a more cohesive transition experience for seniors. She tells us how she managers her dedicated team. “I manage staff like a coach manages a team,” she smiles. “Each player has defined roles and is integral to the functioning of the business. Each is respected for their opinions and contributions. Our core principle is, “Never tire of doing what is right.” Jodi responds to industry trends but, as she says: “Not impulsively so. We need to stay ahead and relevant in the industry, but not jeopardize our model. Not every upgrade is necessarily better suited to our needs. “Our growth is organic and always evolves from an unmet need or a superior method to deliver our services. We have weekly brainstorming sessions with the staff that are ‘in the trenches,’ so to speak working daily with our clients.” Jodi foresees even more growth for the trio of companies she manages, although she acknowledges that the path to future success won’t be without its obstacles. “I believe one of the biggest challenges is constantly evaluating risk vs. benefit as it relates to growth. I am very conservative and thus proceed with caution. “My future aspirations are to expand to the five state area – Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota and Iowa with corporate stores as opposed to franchising. In five years’ time, I hope to have a reality TV show! “I couldn’t continue advancing this company if I didn’t truly believe in the ‘peace of mind’ that we are delivering to our clients. The practices, systems and resources that we have cultivated, are a tremendous asset to the demographic we serve.” K Company: OEA Realty Name: Jodi Laliberte, Realtor® Email: [email protected] Address: 1080 W. COUNTY ROAD E., SHOREVIEW, MN 55126, USA Web Address: Telephone: +1 612 850 1866 , +1 651-717-4325 1702CA56