Corp America January 2017

NEWS , Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI), a global leader in advanced high-efficiency zero emissions hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain solutions on 24th January announced the creation of a hybrid and electric vehicle center of excellence focused on the development of EV and PHEV commercial vehicles for its customers in North America. The new business unit will apply the company’s consider- able strengths in rapid creation of proof-of-concept and demonstra- tor vehicles for Tier 1 suppliers, OEMs, upfitters, and end users looking to offer performance-lead- ing electrified vehicles. The new division will be operated out of the company’s recently leased facility in Dixon, CA, and will begin new OEM and end-user customer projects by the end of Q1 2017. The expanded facility will be responsible for integrating the company’s EDI PowerDrive™ line of EV and PHEV drivetrains, EDI PowerSuite™ Vehicle Con- trol Software and Telematics, and EDI Power2E™ 2 Way Charging and Exportable Power solutions into commercial fleet vehicles. The Vehicle Engineering and Integration division will work with Tier 1 suppliers, vehicle OEMs, upfitters, and end users to rapidly bring electrified vehicles to mar- ket and can also support limited volume builds of those vehicles. The company’s Silicon Valley Global Headquarters and Innova- tion Center will continue to house EDI’s drivetrain and electrification products engineering, research and development, sales, market- ing, and administration divisions. Efficient Drivetrains has become proficient in developing proof- of-concept, demonstrator, and production-ready vehicles as traditional OEMS, upfitters, and end users look to comply with in- dustry regulations and mandates requiring zero-emissions vehicle capabilities. Using a turnkey approach, EDI works with customers to rapidly design and construct demonstration vehicles. The company has already im- plemented its PowerDrive™ and PowerSuite™ solutions on major OEM platforms globally, including Ford, GM, International, Peterbilt, Freightliner, JAC, Shaanxi, Ankai, Xinkai and others. EDI’s goal is to support its customer by providing a service to rapidly integrate the company’s products Mr. Mattson’s current focus is as a private investor in mid- dle-market business- es through his family office having acquired four busi- nesses in the last three years, which he actively manages from the Board. In addition, Mr. Mattson serves on the Board of Directors of Delta Air Lines, Inc. and as Vice Chair of the Board of Visitors of the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke Univer- sity. Mr. Mattson holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Duke University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. “George is a highly-accomplished investor and advisor to business- es both large and small. He will further strengthen our team’s industry analysis and strategic, value-added operating capabili- ties as an aligned partner across our investment platform,” said Brett Hickey, Star Mountain’s Founder & CEO. “I am excited to invest both my time and personal capital along- side Star Mountain’s Team of accomplished investment profes- sionals which has built a truly dif- ferentiated lower middle-market investment business with mean- ingful competitive advantages with deal flow, underwriting, and portfolio management capabili- ties” said George Mattson. “Star Mountain has taken a long-term view and entrepreneurial ap- proach to developing distinctive value which I look forward to further assisting with.” and technologies into commer- cial vehicles of all types and then to transfer that build knowledge to OEMs and vehicle upfitters for mass production. EDI can also support limited volume builds of those rapidly developed vehicles until OEMs have their production lines established. Joerg Ferchau, CEO, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. comments, “our expanded services offering and vehicle engineering and manufacturing focus, allows our customers to benefit from the experience EDI has developed while engineering and building numerous quick turn hybrid and electric vehicles in the past. It also provides our customers with a smooth path to production as we can support limited volume builds and also transfer knowl- edge to them as they establish their production lines. “With the rapid movement for commercial fleet operators to comply with zero-emissions regulations, expanding our solu- tions offering to include vehicle integration services and support will accelerate the ability for Tier 1 Suppliers, OEMs, upfitters to offer compliance-ready vehicles, while reducing time to market and overall development costs. EDI has a proven process for working with our customers and their suppliers to quickly establish productive synergy and tremendous results. “As we continue to grow our busi- ness, it is critical that our organ- izational structure and solution offering enable the speed and agility necessary to win today and in the future. The changes we are announcing, reflect our commitment to developing the industry’s leading next genera- tion of EV and PHEV commercial work truck solutions.” Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) develops and markets a range of state-of-the-art PHEV and EV drivetrain solutions worldwide. EDI’s leading-edge hybrid-electric drivetrain systems and technol- ogies enable OEMs to meet ze- ro-emissions requirements while providing significant cost and efficiency advantages for parallel and series hybrid drivetrain archi- tectures across nearly all platform classes and configurations. EDI is currently active in automotive projects throughout North Amer- ica and the APAC region. Visit for more information. George Mattson Joins Star Mountain as a Strategic Investor and Industry Advisor N StarMountain Capital, LLC, a specialized alternative asset manager focused exclusively on the U.S. lower middle-market, announced on 25th January that George Mattson has joined as a Strategic Investor and Industry Advisor. GeorgeMattson has had a distinguished thirty-year career, most notably as the former Co-Head of the Global Industrials Group in investment banking, and a Partner, at Goldman Sachs.