Corp America January 2017

42 CORP AMERICA / JANUARY 2017 , “My employees make $12 an hour and major medical plan premiums and deductibles are too expensive. Are there alternative affordable health care benefits and plan designs that I can offer to my employees to remain competitive?” Brilliance in Benefits Benefits in a Card is the first benefits provider to exclusively serve the staffing, healthcare, and higher turnover industries. Vice President Debra Lamoureux tells us more about the vital work her firm undertakes. Benefits In A Card provides affordable healthcare benefits offered through weekly insurance coverage designed for high turnover employee organizations. The benefits were designed to meet the past President’s requirements for keeping the employer and employee from the ACA penalty fees. We are a nimble organization that can provide solutions to address employees’ pain points. Moving forward, we have adjusted our plan designs and our introducing affordable plans that will meet the new President’s mission. We offer flexible benefits packages that can be tailored to employees’ personal needs offering affordable first dollar coverage with no deductibles. Debra outlines both the firm’s and her own personal experience and how this helps them both to provide the very highest standard of solution to their clients. “With 24 years of experience and knowledge in weekly payroll management, Benefits In A Card insures over 20 million employees on a weekly basis with continued growth. We manage all of our activity in house with proprietary software. “As Vice President of Sales Strategies and Solutions, I am responsible for developing strategies for servicing our clients through exceptional client services, new business development and strategies and identifying solutions for partner or client issue resolution. My key responsibilities include leading teams to outstanding customer service either through a single point of contact or compiling a team of experts, developing best practices, leading outstanding items to closure, creating partnership strategies, mentoring staff, continually assessing and evaluating process’ for implementing efficiencies and providing leadership in all aspects of the business alongside our Founder/CEO Carl Stecker. “Prior to my current role, I have been in the Workers Compensation, Property Casualty and Employee Benefits industry for 30 years from sales and account management roles to managing and leading teams responsible for multimillion dollar books of business and sales goals. I draw on this wealth of experience to provide my staff with the very best support and advice and ensure their ongoing success.” Debra’s leadership strategy is focused on continuous improvement as she seeks to drive the firm to even greater success. “My foundation for leadership has been to drive performance, improvement and solutions for not just teams but for the organization. I am a firm believer in collaboration allowing each team member to voice their opinion and be accountable for their activity. I support creative thinking and through training, guiding and coaching, teach the staff to take ownership of their activity, have ultimate accountability and have confidence in everything they do. I have been an advocate of leadership by example and encourage each team member to identify actions on their own. If an issue is identified, also identify a solution and be a Change Agent. Allowing each team member to “own” their actions and be of value to the organization,creates a collaborative environment with motivation and a sense of value. “Overall, as long as there is sound logic to a team members’ decision or recommendation, and their action was based on objective facts, they are accountable and take ownership. Each and every team member is in sales whether it is external or internal interaction. Representing Benefits In A Card in prospect, client and team member interactions should be professional, productive and courteous” Looking ahead, Benefits In a Card continues to initiate services that meet the needs of a continual changes in healthcare as Debra explains in her concluding comments. “Currently Benefits in a Card is in Growth mode selling into all industries that have high a turnover employee population. We expect to double in size by this time next year and continue to be the leading innovative provider offering affordable benefits to employer groups with high turnover, lower wage employees; staffing, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare as example. We will continue to identify solutions based on the new President’s vision as it unfolds. We continue to grow in revenue, profit and staff and look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities this will afford us.” 1701CA75 K Company: Benefits in a Card Contact: Debra Lamoureux, Vice President Address: 725 Lowndes Hill Road, Greenville, SC 29607 Email: [email protected] Website: