Corp America January 2017

, Michael F. Brosig, Sr., CEO of Mike Brosig, LLC, a Johnstown, PA based Consulting Company, provides us with a fascinating overview of his career and the skills he has learned that have helped to further both his own career and the companies which he has supported. Supporting Businesses Through Change Over his vast career, Mike Brosig has worked for three diversified holding companies in various capacities, one of which he also owned. Overall he has worked at four companies, each of which had its own form of ownership leading Mike to develop an appreciation for when these different forms of ownership apply. Mike discusses his career and how he has worked hard to support others in attaining the same level of success that he has enjoyed. “Throughout my career I have learned a great deal about owning and managing businesses, before I retired February 2016, after 40 years of managing, growing, owning, buying, and selling businesses. I formed an LLC in 2016, which was set up to help apply the experience I gained, and lessons I learned, help others achieve success in their business, and personal lives. I incorporated in Pennsylvania, and intend to help individuals and entrepreneurs wherever they reside. “In order to achieve this, I also finished writing my first book “Ride the Waves of Ownership Change”, which I wrote to help others see that if you apply yourself, you can have it all; a full personal life and successful business career. The book is due to be released for publication February, 2017.” “One of the most important aspects of my career successes, is believing management and leadership refer to people first and foremost. Early in my career I learned the difference between leadership and management. Following Peter Drucker, famous business author and consultant, I learned that “Management is the ability to do things right. Leadership is the ability to do the right thing.” You will be given assignments that you have to manage properly. However, sometimes you will have to step up, create the vision, and accomplish it through the collective efforts of others. You will learn quickly that people will be the root cause of your success or failure. If you treat people ethically you will have a greater chance for success. “Ethics in some professions is a set of strict written guidelines for you to follow. In the absence of specific guidelines, the golden rule is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Also, you should always treat others the way they want to be treated. I believe K “Ultimately, my aspiration is to inspire people, plan for opportunities that may present themselves, and not always plan for the negative “what ifs” that may occur.”