Corp America January 2017

, Being the best M&A Boutique Investment Bank in Kansas City brings with it some decisive perks that determine this company’s dominating position over middle markets across the state of Missouri and beyond. Frontier Investment Banking is a leading investment banking firm focused on providingMerger & Acquisition, Corporate Finance and other advisory services tomiddle market companies and their owners. Unique Process Gives Frontier the Edge While Frontier Investment Banking has historically executed sell-side and other strategic engagements across a wide range of industries, Frontier has successfully executed a number of strategic transactions, within the past year, for clients in the healthcare industry, including: • a category-leading, multi- faceted behavioral health services business • a category-leading data analytics healthcare business • a niche focused healthcare insurance company • a category-leading service provider to the skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care segments • a medical device manufacturer and service provider to other medical device businesses “Given that we serve multiple industries and are referral-only, it is atypical for us to have so many clients in one industry, such as healthcare,” commented Patrick Trysla, Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Investment Banking. “Moreover, most clients only partially-monetized their investment in their businesses in order to join forces with a financial partner to assist in accelerating growth and in being better-positioned to capitalize on opportunities.” Frontier Investment Banking provides Merger & Acquisition advisory services to business owners, optimizing the terms and conditions in strategic transactions for clients – selling their business outright, selling a percentage of their business to financial partners in order to gain access to capital and experience to accelerate growth, or raising acquisition financing. Frontier Investment Banking’s professionals have executed middle market transactions valued at over $9 billion. In addition to those professionals’ decades of experience and expertise, Frontier utilizes its industry experts from over 40 various industries providing their expertise and access to their networks for specific engagements. The Healthcare Industry is just one of the many industries in which Frontier has been able to leverage its industry experts. Additionally, Frontier’s senior management team and industry experts have owned, been partners in, managed, and sold their own businesses, which provides a unique perspective for Frontier’s clients. For nearly 30 years, Patrick Trysla has been advising private and public clients in Merger & Acquisition and Corporate Finance transactions. He has initiated and consummated mergers, acquisitions, sales, divestitures, recapitalizations and financings, all as a part of the growing investment bank. Trysla offers Corp America a touchstone viewpoint into the “Clients benefit from the attention and execution of Frontier’s senior professionals.” N inner workings of Frontier and how the small, efficient boutique firm has, since its inception, managed to have a decisive influence in the nation’s middle market. An excellent example as to the way in which Frontier manages its competitive marketing process with exceptional results is related to one of the sales of a healthcare business client. Frontier’s investment banking process yielded significant interest and a number of offers with EBITDA multiples that exceeded the client’s expectations and a total valuation that was more than double the client’s “hoped for” number (even though, after deep- dive, confirmatory due diligence, the client’s earnings came in at less than half of the client’s projections). Frontier maximized the competitive marketing process to create a private “bidding war” among the potential acquirers, to drive the highest value. Perhaps most importantly in this case, Frontier kept the potential buyers interested and willing to recapitalize the business As a result, the client’s owner far exceeded his objectives, through a sale and earn out structure. There is an “art” to maximizing value. Trysla explains, “individual, unique clients’ objectives are optimized through the engagement-specific tailoring of Frontier’s proprietary marketing process – “The Frontier Process” – as Frontier’s professionals are exceptionally qualified to artfully launch the most effective marketing strategies, to employ the most sophisticated and appropriate marketing techniques and transaction structures, and to orchestrate The Frontier Process in a comprehensive and professional manner. As part of The Frontier Process, Frontier crafts the most compelling narratives of clients’ opportunities and clients’ objectives in the context of disclosing the key valuation and other relevant issues to various “types” of buyers or financial partners. “Clients benefit from the attention and execution of Frontier’s senior professionals on every aspect of a client’s engagement,” Trysla adds. Throughout The Frontier Process, the clients’ strengths are skillfully highlighted and amplified, while the clients’ challenges are “managed to” in the best possible light by Frontier’s seasoned, persuasive communicators.