Corp America January 2017

Contents , K 4. News 8. Having Faith in Success* 12. Winning Business Strategies for 2017 16. Building Excellence in Health Care Infrastructure 18. Making IT Big 20. Protection for Your Most Valuable Assets 22. Michael Flickman: Diligent in His Dedication to Success 24. Helping You to Get Better Every Day 26. Turning Stone Resort Casino: A Rejuvenating New Year’s Resolution 28. Thinking out of the Box 30. Unique Process Gives Frontier the Edge 32. Arrowood Peters: Aiming for Excellence in Litigation 33. Success in Sustainability 34. Supporting Businesses Through Change 38. 7 Cedars Resort: A Safe Bet 40. Setting the Pace in Tech Recruitment 42. Brilliance in Benefits 43. Investing in Professional Recruitment Services 44. Clear Intentions International Powerful and Reliable Results 46. Winner’s Directory K * Having Faith in Success Frank L. Beaman CEO Faith Community Hospital