Corp America January 2017

Turning Stone Resort Casino: A Rejuvenating New Year’s Resolution K g Company: Turning Stone Resort Casino Website: N The men’s skincare treatments at Skʌ:nʌ́ : use Organic Male OM4 products, a four-step regimen designed to address the specific needs of men’s skin. The OM4 line includes shaving cream, resurfacing serum, cleanser and moisturizer that account for the gender-specific grooming realities of men and leave skin feeling fresh and healthy. OM4 products can be purchased directly at the Skʌ:nʌ́ : shop. With every treatment, guests at Skʌ:nʌ́ : are offered full-day access to the spa, including the soothing mineral pools, steam room, sauna, hot tubs and more. While enjoying a day of pampering, guests can also order a healthy and delicious meal from the Skʌ:nʌ́ : Café’s new menu. The café, located in the main waiting area of the spa, allows the healing effects of the treatments to continue with nourishing and delicious food. Featuring a fully customizable menu, guests can select a nutritious entrée, three sides, a dessert and a beverage for only $15, which includes tax and gratuity. Each item is made to order by the talented staff at Wildflowers restaurant. Options include heart-healthy smoked salmon, quinoa salad, orange-garlic kale chips, fresh berries, and more. The menu also offers options for those who require gluten-free or other dietary restrictions, from meat- free to dairy-free. Calorie and macronutrient counts are also provided, making building a truly healthy meal simple. Ultimately, relaxation, longevity and a refreshed sense of focus can go a long way towards creating mind-body wellness for a successful start to 2017. A tranquil getaway, complete with soothing spa treatments and amenities, like those offered at Skʌ:nʌ́ : can boost productivity, elevate mood and create deeper relaxation, while nourishing the body to operate at its very best.