Corp America January 2017

Helping You to Get Better Every Day K g Company: Aegis Therapies Name: Hal Price Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 5220 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 400, Plano, Texas 75024, USA Telephone: +1 972 372 6424 N to help us look at health in a new way that focuses on multiple dimensions of wellness – social, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, spiritual and environmental. “We use this multi-dimensional model because it supports the factors that impact our health on a daily basis – diet and nutrition, exercise, emotional and physical health, stress and spirituality. EnerG optimizes patients’ wellness regardless of setting, allowing them to be well wherever they are. “EnerG wellness programs offer an individualized, evidence-based approach to senior activities to enhance participants’ health and happiness. With a focus on total wellness, EnerG is a powerful program that takes traditional recreational activities to a new level. Plus, EnerG has been developed using scientific research that shows patients have a higher success rate when they engage in a multi-dimensional approach to their health and wellness.”