Corp America January 2017

, destination for the community. The hospital also caters local events! With essential changes under his belt, Beaman’s next goal was to build a new hospital that would replace the 50-year-old facility. Although the community had previously failed to support a bond election to raise funds for a replacement facility, Beaman knew that accepting defeat was not an option. Though the hospital continued to progress in its performance and customer service, Faith Community Hospital leveraged the hospital district’s taxing authority and broke ground on a $28 million replacement hospital that measures 85,000 square feet. The new facility provides much-needed space to address the current and future healthcare needs of Jack County. Colleagues of Beaman have noted his unique leadership style. Dan Bates with AthenaHealth says that Beaman is a visionary in the field who is very knowledgeable in healthcare and very strategic and tactical in his decision-making. Terry McBride, a long-time friend and co-founder of Benchmark Health Services, says that Beaman has a sharp personality and one of the most impressive CEOs that he’s been around. McBride explains that the open-minded nature of Beaman allows him to have a vision for change – while creating new opportunities. Since the opening of the replacement facility in the fall of 2015, new healthcare programs and services have been introduced to the community, including an obstetrics program and maternity center, a permanent mammography scanner, and a stand-alone 10,000-square-foot wellness center, which is expected to open in early 2017. In addition, the hospital has focused on revenue-generating services to complement core offerings, resulting in a 23 percent reduction in its reliance on taxes from the new revenue- generating services. Today Faith Community Hospital has not only been able to overcome the odds, but its success comes just as other hospitals in the region have either shuttered or cut important services. With its expanded abilities and position, FCH has added patients from other communities, providing the region with much-needed professional care and local convenience. Overall, Faith Community Hospital has achieved a turnaround not typical in a rural community. With the hospital’s fate all but sealed just a few years ago, Beaman has overcome the odds to create change that will impact future generations. That is why he has been recognized as CEO of the Year by Corp America magazine. David Spiller, long-time Jacksboro resident and attorney for the hospital, says that without a hospital the community’s future would have been dim. He says now that Faith Community Hospital has achieved an amazing turnaround, local industries have really grown since the hospital construction – adding much-needed jobs to the area. “All you really need is passion, hard work and faith,” says Beaman, “That is what has always driven me, and I think that this is what now drives our new hospital—and the community.” N “a 23 percent reduction in its reliance on taxes.”