Business Elite 2019

4 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Business Elite Awards , RAW Equity Group LLC Best DFW Property Investment Firm 2019 Ultimately, real estate investment with RAW Equity Group and Casa Deals can lead to rapid return on investment with desirable properties across the entirety of northern Texas. Felipe has cultivated a reputation for both himself and the firm as being the ideal partner for turning old properties into cash quickly. Company: RAW Equity Group LLC Contact: Felipe Soares Website: Partnering with Casa Deals, RAW Equity Group offers discerning real estate investors the ability to thrive financially. Having secured a supply of cheap housing in North Texas, the firm enables serious investors who buy at least one house per quarter the chance to enhance both their existing portfolios and financial gains rapidly. Investing in property can be a hugely rewarding experience, if done correctly. An experience that must be refined over years of practice, real estate investment requires swift movement and a sure-footedness when navigating the purchase of drastically reduced properties. Helping engineer great success for his clients is Felipe Soares, through his firmRAWEquity Group, LLC. To learnmore about its success as the best property investment firm in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we profiled the business. Since the firm’s beginning, RAW Equity Group and Casa Deals have specialized in providing properties across the Dallas Fort Worth area between 30% and 60% below their original market value. Investors can buy these properties swiftly for rapid investment, fixing, and selling on for a major profit. Taking such deeply discounted real estate requires discernment from Felipe, to identify the properties that are likely to make a large profit for both his firm and his clientele. Real estate investment requires dedication, determination, and unparalleled insight into the local real estate markets, as well as serious financial knowledge and investment skill. For those willing to brave the market and invest into exciting real estate across the north of Texas, RAW Equity Group represents the perfect opportunity and partner with which to do so. Nov19434