USBN Q2 2018

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2018 7 Always Out in Front g Company: Proactive Worldwide Address: 1699 E Woodfield Road, Suite 406; Schaumberg, Illinois, 60173, USA Phone: 001 847 483 7311 Website: mobile compatibility, and Bayesian inference modeling to yield exceptionally accurate drug approval and launch predictions for both investors and competitors, as well as insurance and healthcare providers. Ultimately, the firm’s website states, “We stand for a determination to succeed, a passion to make things clearer, a need to make significant contributions, an insatiable curiosity, and an uncommon ability to apply common sense to business situations.” In that vein, it’s appropriate to point out that Gary, David, and the leadership team are passionate industry educators, affiliated with the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals organization (SCIP), which conducts industry conferences, forums, and educational events all over the world throughout the year. PWW thought leaders are well-respected sources of knowledge who contribute their time and expertise regularly at these continuing education events, and the probability is very high that one or more PWW professionals will come into contact with that growing cadre of market research recruits the U.S. Bureau of Labor anticipates at these very same SCIP events, up to 2026 and beyond.