USBN Q2 2018

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2018 , ProactiveWorldwide (PWW) are featuring inUS Business News’ BestMarket &Competitive Intelligence Company in 2018, and have also been recognized for theirMost Anticipated PharmaceuticalMarket Forecasting Tool: MedForecast™. Always Out in Front According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Market Research Analysts/ Marketing Specialists is projected to increase by 23% between 2016 and 2026, from 595,400 to 733,700 market research professionals. If PWW continues its ground-breaking advancements in strategic intelligence and decision support services, based on its well- respected, impeccable business research methodologies, the firm is on pace to not just retain its elite status, but lead the pack of both current and future strategic intelligence experts long past 2026. Proactive Worldwide has evolved from a two-person operation into one of the world’s leading decision support, research, and consulting firms, with delivery teams in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The team has been at the forefront in developing the concept of decision support services, linking evidence-based market and competitor intelligence and insight with strategy development and implementation. Proactive Worldwide’s leadership team – founders, CEO Gary Maag and President David Kalinowski - along with COO Erik Prentice, PhD, did not get to the top of their respective strategic intelligence games by accident, Gary conveyed that the entire team is delighted to receive the US Business News award for ‘Best Market and Competitive Intelligence Company 2018.’ Since 1995, Proactive has positioned itself as a unique, client-centric company that uses evidence-based, primary intelligence as the foundation that provides global clients with quantifiable support to make informed, critical business decisions. Gary has 28 years of experience in competitive intelligence, research and consulting. He directs Proactive Worldwide’s global business development, sales, and marketing activities. Gary has received the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ (SCIP) Catalyst Award in 2006 as well as Northern Illinois University’s Distinguished Marketing Alumnus Award. David also has 28 years of experience in competitive intelligence, research and consulting. David leads consulting service engagements for numerous domestic and international companies, assists senior leadership as a trusted advisor for, facilitates strategic war gaming events, builds and enhances intelligence functions and conducts training to develop skills and capabilities. David received the SCIP Catalyst Award in 2005 and SCIP’s first Distinguished Member – Solutions Provider award in 2015. Erik Prentice, Proactive’s COO, holds a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, as well as notable experience with the US Intelligence Community. He is leading the firm’s strategic effort to expand Proactive Worldwide’s strategic monitoring and forecasting capabilities, including development of new model- based insights systems. PWW, above all, is proud of their talented and professional staff, which has helped them earn their international reputation of collaboration and business stewardship. As reliable partners and extended members of its clients’ teams, PWW adheres to a philosophy of 1) transparency; 2) sound business practices; 3) secure, accessible intellectual capital, 4) the best CI teams and talent; and 5) demonstrated ROI. Over the years, PWW has developed, refined, and organized its services around three distinct portfolios. The first, Intelligence-Based Strategic Planning, is structured toward helping clients grow and defend their hard-won business gains. These services include Transformational Business Modeling, Scenario Planning, and War Gaming simulation exercises. The second, Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence Services, provide the nuts-and-bolts secondary and primary source research and business intelligence one NAE18013 typically associates with Market Research and Analysis. PWW’s third concentration, Customer Insights, helps clients get inside the heads of its customers to better understand the Customer Experience, the User Experience, Voice of Customer analytics, and Digital Strategy development and deployment. The PWW team keeps moving forward, incorporating machine learning and automation technologies into first-of- their-kind, revolutionary offerings in decision support solutions, including PWW’s partnership with Comintelli and their Intelligence2day® Software Platform. This best- in-class market research and competitive intelligence tool, in a subscription service format, is a low-cost, high-reward option for businesses to conduct queries and get immediate results that leverage the real- time advantages that big data currently offers. Furthermore, US Business News has also named PWW’s newest offering, Medforecast®, the Most Anticipated Pharmaceutical Market Forecast Tool in 2018. This innovation was spearheaded in large part by Erik, who regularly applies his background in science, intelligence, and health insurance to guide evidence-based assessments in both developed and emerging markets. Medforecast® brings the power of real-time data collection, integrative analytics,