USBN Q1 2018- CeFO version

22 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2018 , CosmedxScience Inc. produces personal care products.We profile the company andour CEOof the Year inCalifornia, ChristopherAmato, aswe aimtofindoutmore about the creative and innovative firmwhichoffers a varietyof services and care. A Full-Service Manufacturer for the Health and Beauty Industry Cosmedx Science offers skin care, children, facial washes, bath and shower gels, hair care, homeopathic, nutrition drinks, and pet care products. Boasting a wealth of experience, CEO Christopher Amato possesses over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, having owned multiple companies throughout the years. In 2009, he founded the Triton Family of Companies that services numerous aspects of business including business consulting for development and capital fund raising. He was also the former President of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce in Arcadia, Arizona. Many new exciting things are happening at Cosmedx Science since his purchase of the company in 2013. Regarding the team’s research and development (R&D), Cosmedx Science is inventive in its nature, and its manufacturing innovation starts with an intricate process which begins with its R&D. Cosmedx’s R&D meets the changing needs of its customers in the ever developing personal care sector, and the company stays ahead of other similar firms by diligently creating new product designs and development, and consistently improving the existing ones. Furthermore, within Cosmedx, innovation and production are linked together. Enabling the team to be innovative and further advance its products, the firm utilizes its 78,000-square ft. state of the art manufacturing facility in California, in compliance with US FDA, and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process) as well as meeting the most rigorous quality, safety, and environmental standards to deliver world class innovative products. Ensuring that every product is delivered with the utmost quality, the company’s supply of consistent, high quality consumable products is supported by its quality control and quality assurance. Guaranteeing that clients and customers will always receive the best goods, the firm’s QC and QA teams work together to fulfil their specific requirements. A stringent process is in place for product testing and continued monitoring of material stability, eliminating any defects during production. Alongside every well-renowned high-quality product is an exceptional delivery of customer service. Since its inception, Cosmedx has been focused on being the best-in-class manufacturer of contract filled products. Employing highly qualified and committed staff, the team are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer service, with its top-notch customer service team going the extra mile to ensure that customers can expect quality, reliability and integrity. Internally, the team at the top work incredibly hard to ensure that employees and team members are able to thrive in their respective positions. The team consists of a diverse workforce which is fully trained and committed to producing world class, high quality products. Contributing to the thriving work environment which in turn contributes to the success 1801US06 of the firm are the support and admin staff, who are stellar and resourceful problem solvers. Key to its management there are dedicated professionals who are licensed, certified, and are experts in their respective fields. Together, they work as a team in order to meet their goals and deliver to their customers’ needs. Ultimately, the togetherness and expertise of a wealth of clients are major factors in making Cosmedx Science the success it is today, and eventually this comes down to excellence at the top, as employees learn from the leadership of their CEO, especially if they are someone they look up to, like Chris. Company: Cosmedx Science Inc. Contact: Chris Amato Address: 475 N. Sheridan Street, Corona, California, 92880, USA Phone: 001 951 371 7565 Website: