USBN Q1 2018- CeFO version

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2018 21 a high quality of professionalism. We embrace new technology and are always looking for ways to implement innovation into our work flow.” In their concluding comments, Gil and Eli lay out their future aspirations for the Peak Corporate Network, explaining where they see themselves in the future. “Ultimately, our goal is to create a cohesive partnership between doing business and giving back to our community. We always strive to try new things, embrace technology and to build a company that our employees are proud to work for – where they can enjoy an exceptional work-life balance. The ability to cater to the individual, to a company and all the way to corporate America, this is a unique platform that has worked well for us so far, and we will continue to develop.” Address: 5900 Canoga Ave., Suite 400, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, USA Phone: (818) 591 - 3300 Website: a down market, as well as in a thriving economy. Gil Priel and Eli Tene joined forces in 1990 to create the Peak Corporate Network. Individually, they have both been in the real estate industry for many years, Gil primarily focuses on being a principal owner with investment assets, while Eli manages the service side of the business. In 1990, as the real estate market was declining the partners worked hard to fill the voids in the industry, which means that the Peak Corporate Network shines in times of distress and still thrives during stable market conditions. Today, they operate as managing directors overseeing the operations and growth of the entire network. Holding a wealth of experience, Gil and Eli have seen it all. They tell us what challenges they have had to face and overcome throughout their career, commenting on how overcoming these issues has impacted upon their view of how to run a company. “The industry is constantly evolving, which means that we Endless Success – The Unique Recession-Proof Business Model of the Peak Corporate Network Companies g have had to shift our business plan to thrive many times over the past 30 years. The real estate industry has good and bad cycles, but we have managed to enjoy success even during down cycles. In 1991, we were the first to negotiate residential and commercial workouts. In 1994, we bought commercial real estate, and in January 2007, we started a large private lending fund through a partnership with a $12 billion private family office. You truly could not have pinpointed a worse time to start a venture like this, it was right before the real estate melt down. At the same time though, we are proud that this fund and this company was profitable and did not lose money. Our success is due in large part because we know when to pull to plug and say no.” Being creative, innovative and ambitious, Gil and Eli describe the vital aspects of their success, citing quality customer service as a major contributor to their achievements. “Throughout our industry, customer service is key and providing an outstanding client experience is the number one priority for each of our entities. Whether a client is seeking investment, foreclosure, financing or 1031 exchange services we make sure that our staff is expertly trained, equipped with the latest information and resources necessary to efficiently process business and that each representative provides top notch service. We understand that all we can really offer is a unique value to our clients.” Staying ahead in the competitive market is crucial if the Peak Corporate Network is to achieve the mission that Gil and Eli set out to accomplish. They explain how they work hard to keep up with new developments in the industry, something which is becoming more difficult to do as new technology is released daily. “Fundamentally, we started this company in 1990 with a very strong direction and purpose. While we have hit bumps along the way, as do all businesses, we feel that we’ve been able to be flexible all while quickly eliminating many of the headaches of the real estate industry simply by being ahead of the market in technology and research, whilst maintaining