USBN Q1 2018- CUI Global version

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2018 13 , Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc. (The LCADAWay) was formed to serve the population that have a substance abuse addiction. We spoke to Chief Financial Officer, Darlene Rico to find out more about the Rehabilitation Services CFO of the Year 2017 in Ohio. A Professional, Flexible and Honest CFO Established in 1981, the LCADA Way offers a continuum of care which includes Medication Addicted Treatment, Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Aftercare. Currently serving as the agency’s Chief Financial Officer, Darlene started with the agency in April of 1992, and is currently going into her 26th year at the company. She talks to us about her previous experience, taking us on a journey to how she came to be in her current role as CFO. “Initially, I began my career with the agency as the Financial Intake and Medical billing clerk. Prior to my employment with the agency, I worked for the Community Hospital as the Physician Billing Supervisor. My other experience includes holding office manager positions and accounting positions with other employers during my career. In 1993, I returned to college and earned my accounting degree from South Eastern Business College.” This experience helped to mould Darlene into the successful CFO she has become today, and she believes that this versatile experience is a key part of her ongoing success. “As mentioned earlier, I have had positions where I have been an office manager, a bookkeeper, an accounting clerk, an income tax preparer, and a medical insurance biller. I believe all of these positions have given me a well-rounded education and the experience needed to function in today’s business world.” Alongside her experience, there are other external aspects which have helped Darlene to become success. She has had to work hard to overcome many issues such as technology, dealing with others who have much more knowledge in the sector, but Darlene embraced this challenge and sharpened up her technology skills. “The challenges I have faced working in the corporate environment are thanks to the ever changing environment. In today’s technological world, I have had to work with others who have much more experience in technology than I have. Over the years, I have been able to overcome the challenge by sharpening my skills in this area.” Having worked her way up to her role as CFO of The LCADA Way, Darlene tells us what advice she would give to other women looking to succeed in the industry, and what other attributes she believes are vital to reaching the top of a firm within the health and social care sector. “Essentially, women looking to succeed in any industry will likely need to have had an education, possess a strong work ethic and the ability to work with all employees no matter the age, race or ethnic background. She should be respectful of her peers, co-workers and the people her industry serves. She should be professional, flexible and honest.” Moving forward, Darlene foresees many developments for the organisation ahead as it looks to continue to look after those in need. The agency will always help those who desire to become sober. With a long road ahead, Darlene signs off by commenting on what the future holds for herself personally, BWE17006 hinting at retirement soon and undertaking a new venture. This new venture into the financial market, will see Darlene continue her education as she looks to achieve her goal. “As long as there are people who suffer from addiction, our agency will continue to offer a continuum of care for those seeking treatment and who desire to lead a sober life. “Ultimately, I have been blessed with the career I have had. I am at retirement age and am looking to retire in the near future. When I retire, I want to explore becoming a financial advisor, and I will achieve this goal by continuing my education.” Contact: Darlene Rico Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 2115 West Park Drive, Lorain, Ohio, 44053, USA Phone: 001 440 989 4945 Website: