N. American Ex Awards 2017

, Michael Jones is a second year associate at Eckert Seamans. His work focuses on patent litigation and prosecution. Currently, most of his time is spent on inter partes review. He represents both petitioners and patent owners. Michael Jones - Patent Attorney of the Year 2017 & Award for Excellence in Technology Litigation - New York During his two years at Eckert Seamans, Michael Jones’ work focused primarily on patent prosecution and litigation. Michael Jones has written patent applications spanning a wide range of technology from mechanical arts (medical devices, heat dissipation technology, weight training systems) to software patents (interactive online communication – i.e. group meetings, devices communicating with cloud based technology). He has worked on applications for clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Jones also reviews patents for products in the design stage. Some of the quirkier patents he has reviewed concern the following types of products: • Face cleansing brushes; • Cigar containers; • Paintball Guns; • Light up sneakers; and • Ear Muffs. In his litigation work, Michael Jones has practiced at the District Court, International Trade Commission, and Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Over the past two years, Michael Jones has been involved in nine inter partes reviews. Mr. Jones has represented both petitioners and patent owners. On the petitioner side, Mr. Jones has written the following documents: Petitioner Reply, Motion for Observation, Motion to Exclude Evidence, and a Request for Oral Argument. Mr. Jones and Robert Morris went to Trial and are currently awaiting a final written determination. On the Patent Owner side, Mr. Jones has also been part of a team that has successfully defended a patent in two inter partes review proceedings. While working in prosecution and litigation, Mr. Jones has published two articles related to patents. The first article was about the Apple Samsung cases. This article is titled “Is Apple v. Samsung The Beginning Of The End For Patents?.” The second article regarded software and its eligibility for patent protection. This article is titled “R-E-L-A-X: The software patent is fine, but no clear test is coming.” Mr. Jones has also taught a Continuing Legal Education course on the subject of software patents and spoke at Binghamton University to discuss engineers and lawyers. Michael Jones attributes a lot of his success to the unwavering support of the team he works with, including Robert Morris, Seth Newman, Ojeiku Aisiku, and Annita Lise. K Company: Eckert Seamans Email: [email protected] Website: www.eckertseamans.com/our-people/michael-r- jones. N NAE17006

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