N. American Ex Awards 2017

20 CORP AMERICA / North American Excellence 2017 , Abba Technologies provides small business customer care with a large business IT expertise, by providing solutions with best in class manufacturers to fit within shrinking customer budgets. We caught up with AndrewBaca to tell us more about the firmand the solutions it offers. Best Managed IT Services Provider - South West USA Drawing on over 23 years and extensive experience providing IT integration and managed services to both government and the private sector, Abba Technologies focus on delivering cost effective IT solutions that will align with the customer’s business goals. Andrew outlines the techniques the firm employs to mark itself out as the best possible option to its clients. “Here at Abba, we deliver real value to our clients with exceptional customer service and well thought out IT solutions and services. This alone is not enough though to have clients trust us with their IT requirements, and as such we have built an IT engineering team that is second to none in the market we serve. “What this translates to for our clients is IT projects delivered consistently on time and under budget. Also, because we have worked at the highest levels of cyber security with our government clients, we have K Company: Abba Technologies, Inc. Name: Andrew L. Baca Email: [email protected] Web Address: abbatech.com Address: 5301 Beverley Hills Ave, Albuquerque, NM 87113 Telephone: 505-238-8796 NAE17006 the credibility in the market as the market leaders in IT solutions and support. Overall I believe that the single biggest advantage we have over our competition is we do deliver on what we promise. That is actually rare in the market place and therefore it sets us apart from the competition. “In order to provide the very best service, our philosophy is the client is presumed to be correct. We do not get defensive and we always remind our employees why we are here and what our purpose is at Abba. We walk and talk it every day. The guide for our client service is our four values: Integrity, Authenticity, Ownership, and One Team.” Going forward the future looks bright for Abba as it seeks to grow and expand its service offering, as Andrew concludes. “Looking to the future, we are excited to continue to grow our company not only regionally but nationally and scale to a size that will allow Abba to thrive for generations to come. Therefore, we are continually trying to make it easier for our clients to work with us as we streamline our deliver processes. Also, we are developing additional IT services that will make it easier for our clients to access additional services from Abba. “One area that is a natural for the cloud is to provide clients with Disaster Recovery services. The data being offsite is important but if a client needed to access that data, they would need it very quickly to keep their businesses running. Also, we are expanding through other regions in the US that have a robust private sector economy. We will create more jobs in New Mexico and other states as we do this because of how we deliver our services.”

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