N. American Ex Awards 2017

18 CORP AMERICA / North American Excellence 2017 , Lips Boutique by JKA is amedical aesthetics clinic/spa with a sole focus on injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and anti- wrinkle treatments. We invited Founder JKA to tell us more. Best Cosmetic Lip Improvement Service – Ontario & Award for Excellence in Mini Lip Plumping Services - Ontario Lips Boutique by JKA offers a range of cosmetic medical treatments, specialising in lip enhancement. What truly sets the firm apart is its dedication to providing a bespoke solution to every one of its clients, as JKA explains. “At Lips Boutique by JKA we have adopted a very old, golden spiritual rule when it comes to client service: “Treat others as you want to be treated.” Following this simple rule will ALWAYS provide for a high standard service. Our approach is always to tell the truth. We have all been to and heard of pushy sales at other clinics. Our experiences led us to open Lips Boutique by JKA so as to be able to provide a medical aesthetic service where sales were not the drive of the business. We do not push our clients on services or products that they do not ask for, nor do we encourage more than is absolutely needed. We listen to the want and deliver based on that and safety. “Through our detailed consultations we garner the relationship to deliver on the wishes and goals of our clients for the treatment they desire. One must truly RESPECT and acknowledge a client’s free will in making informed decisions on what they want and what fits their needs and preferences. As medical professionals our role is not only to safely use medical protocols and perform medical aesthetic injections within it, but also use our innate artistic vision to produce aesthetically pleasing results, which makes our client’s so happy.” What is unique about the medical aesthetic field is that people themselves are more informed than previous years. The rise of information through social media has given way too many more people to seek these once upon a time “only for Hollywood” treatments. Injectable treatments have become extremely main stream and much more attainable. The challenges will always lie in technique and high quality service, and this is something JKA focuses on. Working in such a competitive industry it can be easy to constantly try and outdo competitors by reducing prices and quality, however JKA believes that by offering great services her firm stands out from the crowd. “Part of our success has been that we do not compete. There is plenty of room for everyone in our industry. We have our specialty and that is lips. Our results speak for themselves and if that sets a competitive standard for others then so be it. We want to maintain K Company: Lips Boutique by JKA Address: 2570 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario Phone: +1 647-879-1660 Email: [email protected] Website: www.lipsboutiquebyjka.com great relationships with our clients. This entails giving a good amount of allotted time to each individual. No rushing. No pushing. No upselling. This sometimes makes it harder to get a ‘rushed’ appointment, but we will not compromise on giving anyone less time than is needed. We do not see others as our competitors - we see them as people just like us who practice their trade and are trying to make a living. There are 6 million people in Greater Toronto Area alone, which means there is a wide market for everyone, but out clientele comes from all over the world.” Moving forward, JKA believes that the industry will remain at the forefront of the cosmetic adjustment market, and as such she believes that growing and expanding the boutique whilst maintaining the same high level of service is of paramount importance. “Lips were always and will always be a trend. Marilyn Monroe once said:” “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Today, I say “give a girl a perfect pout and she will inspire the world.” Media awareness through of social media and a few famous faces getting lip fillers have brought lip enhancement to the forefront again, and as such Lips Boutique by JKA is keen to capitalize on this trend and grow as a company, whilst at the same time ensuring that clients still receive the same high quality, professional services which they have come to expect from us.” NAE17006

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