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, Endoceutics is a research and development company predominantly focused on the field of woman’s health. Fernand Labrie talks us through the firmand the research it undertakes in this vital area. Best Women’s Health Pharmaceutical Company - Quebec Endoceutics is a private pharmaceutical company operating in the field of women’s health and hormone-sensitive cancer prevention and treatment. The firm is the world leader in the mechanism of action of sex steroids. Following approval by the FDA of IntrarosaTM in November 2016, for the treatment of dyspareunia, a predominant symptom of vulvovaginal atrophy due to menopause, Endoceutics focuses on developing non estrogen-based therapies for sexual dysfunction and the other symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes, osteoporosis and muscle loss. Hormonal therapies for breast, uterine and prostate cancer, male hypogonadism as well as endometriosis are also under development. Fernand Labrie, one of the most accomplished researchers in the international scientific community, discusses the implications this innovative new treatment has for women’s health. “There are 32 million women in the United States who could benefit from IntrarosaTM. IntrarosaTM is a non-estrogenic treatment for vulvovaginal atrophy. This treatment uses Prasterone (DHEA), a compound without intrinsic estrogenic or androgenic activity which is transformed intracellularly into androgens and estrogens only in the cells and vaginal layers physiologically in need of these sex steroids. This innovative treatment provides a replacement for the local deficiency in sex steroids with no significant increase in circulating estrogens or androgens and consequently, no effect in the other tissues. “In addition, positive effects are observed on the four domains of sexual dysfunction, namely desire, arousal, orgasm and pleasure, an effect secondary to local androgen formation and not found with estrogens. These observations are under evaluation by Endoceutics.” Moving forward, Fernand Labrie foresees exciting times ahead as his firm seeks to bring IntrarosaTM to market and potentially change the lives of millions of women around the world. “Looking to the future, we believe that the female health market will be dominated by a focus on creating novel treatments for all aspects of menopause based upon intracrinology or the normal physiology of sex steroids. In order to keep ahead of this emerging development, we will be seeking to explore more clinical applications using K Company: Endoceutics Name: Fernand Labrie Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.fernandlabrie.com Address: 2795 Laurier Boulevard, Quebec (QC) G1V 4M7 Telephone: 418-653-0033 N the best technology. Change is central to improving the lives of women across the globe, and as such we will embrace this strategy as we seek to be the leaders of innovations on the pharmaceutical market. “Our overall aim is to be able to offer all women around the world the benefits of an efficacious and safe treatment of menopause. We have a strong desire to move science forward for a better life of our fellow citizens, and this will remain our ongoing goal.” NAE17019

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