2017 National Finance & Banking Awards

, Brockstar Group of Companies has been in business for over 25 years as a full service financial group specializing in large scale project funding on a global basis. Most Acclaimed Business Management Consultancy 2017 Founded in 1990 by its founder Brian Willis as BNW Financial Services, Inc, Brockstar Group quickly rose to become a key player in the financial consultancy space. Throughout the first few years BNW Financial specialized in raising funds for the financing and funding of production and prints & advertising budgets for major motion pictures requiring the capitalization of millions of dollars. Then, in 1996 Brian purchased an Irish company called Brockstar Limited and formed the Brockstar Group of Companies between 1996 thru 2000 opening numerous affiliate companies worldwide. During these years working with GSM-102, the OPIC and the IFC and MIGA of the World Bank Group including numerous European banks, companies and trusts, Brockstar became extensively involved in arranging funding for large scale projects with budgets ranging from 10 million USD up to 200 million K USD plus. In addition, Brockstar has also become involved in the gold mining business forming various partnerships around the world. Drawing on Brian’s talent for creating financial transactions and tailoring a financial package for a client’s unique funding requirement and need, the firm has since flourished into the success it is today. Looking ahead, Brian and his team are working to complete a 5-billion-euro fund for a current client and Aero Space Company, which manufactures communication satellites and rocket busters. This will provide the firm with many exciting opportunities to gain new knowledge and experience. Company: Brockstar Group Of Companies Contact: Brian Willis Contact Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Address: 2618 San Miguel Drive Unit 218, Newport Beach, California, 92660, USA Phone: 001 949 208 0028 Web Address: www.brockstar.com or www.briannwillis.com

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