2017 National Finance & Banking Awards

10 CORP AMERICA / 2017 National Finance & Banking Awards , Darlene Plumly CPA is an award winning full service tax and business consulting firmwhich serves Cypress and the greater Houston area by utilizingmore than 30 years of experience, including Founder Darlene Plumly’s four years working as a Revenue Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. We invited her to tell us more about her firmand the services it provides. Best Full-Service Tax & Business Consultancy & Leading Experts in Business Consulting 2017 - Texas Founded in 2003, Darlene Plumly CPA provides outstanding service to our clients through dedication to the underlying principles of value, responsiveness and quality. Darlene is eager to emphasize the firm’s focus on providing clients with the very highest standards of service and support which are specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. “Here at Darlene Plumly CPA we concentrate on providing personalized service for each of our clients by getting to know them and taking a genuine interest in their business and financial well being. Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses in a manner that will also improve the individual’s personal financial standing. As a team, we enjoy working closely with business owners to maximize company profits while minimizing tax liability within the limits of our tax system.” Drawing on her vast experience supporting her clients with all their federal and state income tax issues, Darlene understands their needs well and is able to tailor her service offering to meet them. As she explains, “Due to budget constraints and other issues, many of the governmental entities we work with are struggling themselves to be efficient and effective. Our role is to work with them to comply with their rules and regulations. I find that in working with these entities, patience, good communication skills and excellent records presented in an organized format are the keys to success. “Recently, in our region, one of the key developments we have seen is that a lot of clients have been affected by the current low oil and gas prices. We have seen clients lose their positions, realize decreased sales, etc. We are always looking to support them through these challenges with our service offering.” Looking ahead, our focus will continue on our clients as the firm seeks to build upon its current success, as Darlene concludes. “Moving forward, Darlene Plumly CPA will continue to grow steadily whilst at the same time retaining the exceptional client service we have come to pride ourselves on.” K Company: Darlene Plumly CPA Contact: Darlene Plumly Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 11702B Grant Road, Suite 139, Cypress, Texas 77429, USA Phone: 281 378 4382 Web Address: www.plumlycpa.com

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