Legal Elite Awards 2017

36 NORTH AMERICA NEWS / Legal Elite Awards 2017 , to develop a tailored strategy to their specific goal ensures only the best service is delivered. We appreciate each and every client who chooses us to receive the most value for their resources; and as such, we perfect a tailored legal strategy to their business resources, risk adverseness and overall goals as a company.” The legal industry is very competitive; however, the firm has so far not come across any changes or developments which have affected the business so far. The practice is always having to try and stay ahead of emerging developments within the industry, attending various events and conferences, always looking to learn. “The sector encompasses various legal practices on a state, federal, and international level. There are no changes or developments that have affected our business so far. “Always looking to develop and improve our skills, our firm keeps abreast and stays ahead of emerging developments. We do this by attending seminars, trade shows, webinars, conferences and networking events through the usage of social media outlets and by utilizing other advanced legal software. All of these sources allows us to stay connected to what is going on in our industry at all times.” Within a competitive industry, it is imperative that the practices stand out and set themselves ADLI LawGroup is a full-service lawfirm that provides legal services in the areas of Business, Intellectual Property (Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret), Labor & Employment, Real Estate, Corporate Transactions, Entertainment, Construction, Products Liability, and Family law. We invited Ashley Le Grand tell us a bit more about the company and its recent success. Best IP Litigation Firm - California Founder of ADLI Law Group, Dr. Dariush Adli’s practices mainly focus on representing, advising, and counselling Hi Tech and Fortune 500 companies on legal issues relating to their business and intellectual property needs. Ashley outlines the firm’s overall mission and the steps it takes to achieve this. “ADLI Law Group’s focus has always been to be a full service for our business clients’ legal needs. We aim to provide the highest quality of service that bigger law firms offer in a more congenial, value-based and client-focused atmosphere. Giving personal attention to each and every one of our clients’ needs allows ADLI law to ensure that we are meeting each clients’ goals so that they receive the full value of legal expense they incur.” The firm has a very client-based approach to litigation, in order to ensure that every client who works with the firm is able to receive the highest quality service the practice can offer. Ashley explains how the legal team tailor their strategies and resources in order to help each client with their specific needs. “Customer service is important to the firm. We believe that our client-oriented approach to litigation beginning with understanding our client’s business, goals, objectives and working with the client closely aside from other competitors. Importantly, ADLI Law is a full- service law firm which covers a variety of areas in legal practice, guaranteeing clients receive the full value of legal expense that they incur. The firm takes pride in its client satisfaction, ensuring that each client receives the quality personal attention that they need, something Ashley is keen to point out. “What differentiates ADLI Law from all other companies is the fact that we are one of the very few full service law firms, providing over 16 areas of legal practice. “Offering quality services at affordable rates along with the hands-on attention our clients deserve. ADLI Law Group also takes pride in our client satisfaction by living our firm’s philosophy with each and every client we engage, our philosophy starts by us giving personal attention to each and every one of our clients’ needs. This way, we are able to ensure that we are meeting each clients’ goals so that they receive the full value of legal expense they incur.” In an increasingly technology orientated generation, law firms may feel a need to integrate technology into their practice, enabling them to provide only the best service for their clients. Smart devices and cutting edge legal software are incorporated into the firm’s business. This technology is vital in the normal routines of the staff, empowering them to meet deadlines and maintaining an environmentally friendly paperless work environment. Ashley explains how iPads are essential in preparing and finalizing court documents. “Technology is integrated into our work through the implementation of smart devices and cutting edge legal software. They are all vital to our day to day routines and allows us to stay connected to work at all times while maintaining a paperless work environment, organized database, and meeting deadlines and court regulations on electronic filings. On any given day, employees use technology such as an iPad in order to prepare, finalize, and file court documents.” Ultimately, the future of the law firm is exciting, with upcoming projects providing the perfect platform to build on its current success. Incorporating all aspects of the law, the practice aims to provide an efficient and effective service platform for all business clients, utilising its high end technology to serve a variety of institutions. “The future of ADLI is both exciting and, in our opinion, new to the world of legal services. Traditionally, corporate and business transactional work has been starkly divided between large law firms and their institutional corporate clients, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, small shops and solo