CA State Business Awards 2017

, DPMG Corporation is an innovative business consultancy supporting with small tomid- size businesses in implementing strategies based on lean principles to boost competitiveness, profitability and growth. We caught up with Jesus Vargas to find out more about the firmand how it implements this creative approach. Best in Business Consulting 2017 DPMG Corporation is a Sacramento, California based business consulting firm that specializes in using a holistic and proven approach based on lean principles from strategy through implementation. This dynamic strategy delivers immediate results and positions its clients’ organization for long-term success. Jesus discusses the firm’s approach in more detail and outlines how it ensures success for its clients. “Here at DPMG, we are unique in our approach. We look at an organization holistically, and focus on transforming an organization’s culture from within. Anyone can transform an organization; however, in our experience transformation cannot sustain without culture change. Culture change requires the buy in from the entire organization. We focus on culture change by working directly with our clients and passing on our knowledge wisdom to the client. This can only be done with a customized methodology. “Fundamentally, our philosophy when it comes to client service is simple: always put the customer first. We look at each customer as a unique opportunity. We listen, learn and develop solutions based on each customer’s needs. In other words, we do not have a cookie cutter approach; instead we always create bespoke solutions based around what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.” Being based in California offers the firm a number of opportunities, as with all the rules and regulations set forth by legislation, clients are looking at new ways to streamline processes, become more efficient while allowing employees to grow, offering DPMG a dynamic and exciting client base to work with. California is a global leader in environmental legislation, green manufacturing and equal employment opportunities. These three, ever-changing, factors are always a challenge for organizations and offer DPMG the chance to support its clients through exciting developments in their businesses. In addition, the close proximity to Silicon Valley allows the firm to stay on top of emerging technologies and methods to help its clients grow. Another key advantage is the region’s workforce, which enables DPMG to work with experienced, dedicated staff who are able and willing to offer their clients the service they need, a Jesus explains. “Our associates at DPMG all have invaluable experience in their industry, which allows us to have a cohesive and supportive K culture. We are truly able to support each other and our clients in their specialized needs. The DPMG team, is more than just a think tank; we have years of hands on experience.” Looking ahead, despite its current success, DPMG will not rest on its laurels; instead the firm is looking to build upon its current success and grow even further over the coming year, as Jesus concludes. “Ultimately, at DPMG our reputation precedes us, because our clients appreciate the work we do for them. With that said, DPMG has not utilized many of the tools readily available to promote our successes to potential clients. Therefore, our plans for 2017 include strengthening public outreach, including a new website, tips and thoughts via social media channels and a refresh to our brand and reach out to new and exciting clients.” STB17002 K Company: DPMG Corporation Contact: Jesus Vargas Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 1325 Howe Ave., Ste. 213 Sacramento, CA, 95825, USA Phone: 001 916 760 7631 Website: