CA State Business Awards 2017

2 CORP AMERICA / CA State Business 2017 , K Welcome to the CA State Business Awards Innovative thinkers, inimitable ways and tireless efforts, these are just some of the qualities that can be used to describe the game-changers from a vast range of industries within the state of California. From media and entertainment to mining, and logistics to hospitality the high-level of service that is provided by the talented individuals and firms, is simply phenomenal. Which is why, the 2017 CA State Business Awards celebrates the outstanding accomplishments made by the talented individuals within their respected industry. These leading lights are paving the way to reaching new heights and in doing so they have achieved some remarkable results with their dedication and hard-work. Contents 3. DPMG Corporation: Best in Business Consulting 2017 4. American Metal Bearing Company Best Plain Bearings Manufacturer 2017 5. D L Falk Construction Inc Best School Building Specialists 2017 6. Inspironix, Inc.: Recognized Leader in IT Solutions 2017 & Technology CEO of the Year 2017 - California 7. iXsystems Inc Best Enterprise Server & Storage Solutions Provider 2017 *