A row of servers

Located in Santiago, PIT Chile is part of the Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Carriers Industry and has a total of 10 employees across all of its locations. We find out more about what the company can offer in the wake of it being recognized in the New World Report.

Established in 2016, PIT Chile is a large Internet Exchange Point (IXP), with seven data centers in the northern and central parts of Chile, connecting traffic between internet infrastructure companies. The company provides services to major content delivery networks (CDNs) including Facebook, Fastly, Google and Microsoft, and local Chilean ISPs businesses.

By definition PIT Chile is a public, neutral, transparent and open IXP. Other main characteristics of its exchange point include:

  • Distributed (presence in two datacentre: Ufinet in Las Condes (TIER II) and Level 3 in Huechuraba (TIER III)
  • Operation in Layer 2
  • Offers multilateral IPv4 and IPv6 peering
  • Allows bilateral peering
  • Home of a Root DNS server J, operated by Verisign
  • Home of a TLD server (Top Level Domain) DNS operated by Packet Clearing House
  • Has ASN and IP v4 and IP v6 own assigned by LACNIC for the exclusive use of the IXP
  • Is an IXP recognized by SUBTEL and LACNIC as such, in addition to other key institutions in the global internet such as ISC.org, PCH, PeeringDB or Verisign
  • Has a 24X7 operating NOC for the resolution of any contingency

PIT Chile’s strategy is continuous growth incorporating the largest number of members, whether they are PIT’s, ISP’s, CDN’s or other institutions such as universities, state agencies, or financial institutions, that meet the technical requirements.

The firm’s main objectives are to ‘put a switch away’ from Internet content providers and consumers, promote and facilitate bilateral peering between different networks, especially ISPs and content providers, promote and facilitate the use of IP v6, and reduce latencies in regional and national connections. It also increases available bandwidth and internet redundancy in America in general and Chile in particular. As a side effect, it achieves a reduction in costs so that it can be the Exchange Point with the largest number of members in America. It has the highest volume of traffic among the PITs in the world, advertises to members as many unique routes as possible (not advertised by other PITs/ISPs), and keeps as much internet traffic as possible within the PIT. Lastly, it promotes “peering” as a means to improve the internet and creates an active community where those responsible for networking, interconnections, routing, etc. participate and can exchange knowledge and help each other.

Recently, PIT Chile was named the prestigious accolade of Best Internet Traffic Exchange Point 2021 in the New World Report. This title is a testament to the dedication and continued hard work of the company.


For business inquiries, contact Pit Chile via www.pitchile.cl.