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Directorio Guadalajara Código 33 Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital, a marketing directory that is the first of its kind for its region, has secured its critical place in the Mexican economy by helping local companies secure a digital footprint. In a global economy that is currently going from rebound to recovery, its dedication to these clients and the understanding, empathetic way it serves them has become more critical than ever before, and so Código 33 is currently doing the best it can to get Mexico and its professionals back on their feet.

Since 2009, the company known as Directorio Guadalajara Código 33 Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital has been making a name for itself as one of Guadalajara’s most prolific and successful agencies. Fundamentally, this company has made itself the first digital business directory in the region of Jalisco, and thus has become known as a hotspot of talent management and identification, allowing for a team to grow around it that focuses on curiosity, collaboration, and growth. The importance of this growth mindset in the team proper is how it can extend out to the clients, as Código 33’s clients and staff alike guide what it creates and achieves on an intrinsic level that is incredibly important to foster.

Thus, Código 33 has become a healthy organisation through naturalistic and sustainable development. With a client base that trust it implicitly with their company’s marketing and digital health, and a team that prioritise openness, honesty, and transparency when working with a client, information sharing is its default setting. In this manner, a client can always choose as much or as little input into the process as they would like, with Código 33 bending over backwards to ensure the process is as stress free as possible. Critically, it encourages an atmosphere where people are welcome to speak their mind.

Helping people become comfortable to speak their mind means setting the parameters of the environment in which they do so; for Código 33, this means building an ecosystem wherein people use their hearts and minds in tandem in order to think hard about what they say, when they say it, and how. This has created a business fuelled by both heart and head in equal measure. Therefore, its ‘measure twice, cut once’ attitude has also grown from the seeds this has sown, making for an internal culture of always double checking one’s working and then being sure and decisive with the following action that the research made possible, using resourcefulness and courage in order to do so.

This also feeds into its dedication to consistent improvement. With more companies under its wing than ever before, across a myriad of different industries from car agencies to bounce house parties, its marketing through its directory is an invaluable resource in its region, emboldened by straightforward, fair, level-headed, generous business strategies that allow it to maintain its independence. The tenacity it displays throughout each of its business moves has certainly heled it survive the tumult of the pandemic, playing a critical role for the health of the local economy in helping companies in their shift towards digital work, implementing its own changes to move towards innovative and hybrid work.


For business enquiries, contact Javier Bradley at Directorio Guadalajara Código 33 Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital via email at  [email protected] or online at