We at New World Report are proudly launching the US Made Awards for 2022. Our intent is to recognize the patriotic businesses who proudly contribute to their nation’s economy, whilst proving to go above and beyond for their company.

Manufacturers alone are responsible for 10.94% of overall output within the economy, as well as accounting for 8.58% of the population’s employment. There are currently over 600,000 manufacturing companies exclusively in the US, all of which have a significant impact on the United States employment rate. We at New World Report are thrilled to be able to celebrate the cluster of businesses and individuals dedicated to this booming industry. Over the recent years, despite America's corporate economy being challenged due to Covid, businesses throughout the US have continually shown perseverance and innovation.

For these reasons, we are delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate US Made Business Awards 2022 and are extremely passionate about the increasing transformations and promising developments happening behind the scenes of the industry. At New World Report, we dedicate our awards to recognizing the most deserving businesses and individuals in the field as we believe they should be rewarded for their spectacular achievements and services.

We are accepting nominations from an extensive list of businesses, ranging from local cafes right through to booming manufacturers. All of which have shown to constantly exceed expectations within the industry. We ensure all nominees are judged purely on their merits, to assure we are awarding only the best of the best.

To find nominees for the US Made Awards 2022, we gather constructive information from several public sources, allowing us to gain an advantageous understanding of the businesses and individuals we choose to nominate. We ensure to review a range of qualities within the businesses such as past customer reviews, popularity, performance and overall, their passion and dedication projected into the business.

Becoming a nominee for the US Made Awards 2022 enables you to display your well-loved business to a vast array of professionals. Our awards program opens superb opportunities for your business, as well as highlighting the team’s unique skills and achievements.

At New World Report we offer all winners our promotional packages, believing they are a strong addition to the process. They provide your business with the evidence it needs to prove your individuality and commitment within the industry. Having the freedom to enhance your victory with visual reminders allows a great volume of exposure as well as attracting acres of attention.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.