Modern college exterior with green grass and trees

Choosing a college is not a simple task, it takes a lot of responsible decisions, hard work, diligence, and sweat. For those who care about environmental issues selecting a green college is an obvious choice, yet there are many factors to take into account. At first, the students choose the scholarship offers, facilities available and some other important things.

Green colleges provide a great learning experience while helping to combat problems that are plaguing our planet. They offer fantastic opportunities, comfortable housing, affordable tuition fees, and pay a lot of attention to more global problems. Here, we take a look at some great college options in the US that are known to be green.

1. Arizona State University

Those seeking an environmentally friendly college that is green will appreciate what this school has to offer. It is an eco-friendly college that launched a Carbon Project back in 2018. This was done to lessen gas emissions. To accomplish the goal, the students planted many trees, the academic community started using electric vehicles, and car-sharing arrangements were made possible. This university also works with different companies that only practice ethical labor practices and they sell and use products that are sustainably produced.

2. Colorado State University

Wondering what makes this place one of our top environmentally friendly colleges? It has a unique process that is used to minimize food waste. There is also a program that helps those lacking access in getting healthy food. There is a Food Recovery Program that sends text messages to college faculty and students when there are leftovers at any catered events. Students can then go to the site to collect unused edibles and eliminate waste.

With weather conditions always changing in Colorado, this college developed the first solar unit for heating and cooling. “The more we can harness the power of the sun, the more we can become eco-friendly and be green”, states Noah Jones, an eco-activist and blogger who advocates for green edprograms and also works for PapersOwl. He goes on to praise Colorado University: “The building is the first of any US universities that allow for complete temperature regulation by using solar panels”.

3. University of North Carolina

The campus at Chapel Hill is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly universities in the US. It has introduced multiple sustainability projects in all departments. This green college has an aim to meet three goals, including:

  • Zero waste being sent to landfills
  • Net-zero emissions of greenhouse gas
  • Water usage of net-zero

Energy-efficient buildings are found all over campus at this college and there are green transportation options. The Botanicals Garden Education Center is a project that uses resources from 500 miles around campus. It helps to collect natural rainwater and filter that water.

4. UMass Amherst

In Massachusetts, one of the environmentally friendly universities available is UMass. It was the first college to divest endowments from holdings in fossil fuels. This school also only uses food-service providers that offer local food. Located on campus, students will find the School of Earth and Sustainability. This is an institution that launched a hub for research on environmental sciences on campus.

5. University of California – Davis

This college has a great goal of attaining complete carbon neutrality by the year 2025. It is one of the most eco-friendly colleges in the United States. Students will benefit from buildings that are energy efficient, there is a Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester, and a sustainable farm. This digester is capable of transforming more than 50 tons of waste into energy for daily use. This US college also hosts the Whole Earth Festival every year. Here, many academics gather from other universities to promote sustainability and to learn about recent green research regarding energy, water use, pollution, and more.


When choosing colleges for higher education, many will want to attend those that pay attention to the environment and offer green programs. From sustainability tracking to programs that reduce waste, there are some top colleges in the US that focus on improving the environment. As a student, choosing any of these listed schools will provide a great way to study in eco-friendly surroundings. Students at these universities can study many subjects and will be able to take part in projects designed to have a positive impact on environmental concerns.