Surging use of Digital Banking Accelerates During the Pandemic: CBA Survey

Mobile Banking

Banking preferences are evolving with technology, world events, and the generational influences of younger customers

The widespread migration to digital technologies driven by public health measures accelerated changes to the way Canadians bank, as more than three-quarters of customers (78 per cent) have come to rely on digital channels to conduct most of their banking. This is among the many findings in How Canadians Bank, a recent survey of 4,000 Canadians commissioned by the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA).

Survey highlights:

  • 78 per cent of Canadians are using digital channels to conduct most of their banking transactions, up from 76 per cent in 2018 and 68 per cent in 2016.
  • 89 per cent of Canadians reported using online banking in the last year.
  • 65 per cent of Canadians used mobile app-based banking in the last year, up considerably from 2018 and 2016 results, at 56 per cent and 44 per cent respectively.
  • Three out of four Canadians (75 per cent) intend to keep the digital banking habits developed during the pandemic.
  • 86 per cent of Canadians trust their bank to offer secure digital banking services.

“The pandemic proved to be a major catalyst for change as Canadians moved more of their daily activities online, including a large-scale uptake of digital banking and contactless transaction methods,” said Anthony G. Ostler, President and CEO, CBA. “Reliable digital banking solutions were already in place when it mattered most thanks to a long-standing commitment to strengthening the customer experience through technology. Further innovations were developed in record time to support consumers as their lives changed dramatically. These factors combined helped Canadians do more online than ever before while reducing risks and delivering convenience at a critical time.”


Digital by default: Technology and generational influences of younger customers

As technology evolves and changes the way we live and work, the digital expectations of consumers are rising. This is the leading catalyst for continued innovation as banks look for new, easier ways for Canadians to access their banking consistently and securely. And Canadians clearly value the convenience of these innovations and feel better served as a result.

  • 90 per cent of consumers believe that new technologies have made banking a lot more convenient.
  • 86 per cent of Canadians agree that their bank has improved service through technology. More than one-third (34 per cent) of Gen Z consumers “strongly agree” that technology is improving their banking experience.
  • 84 per cent of consumers are satisfied with Tap & Pay contactless payments, up significantly from 74 per cent in 2018.

The broad-based shift towards online and mobile banking has gathered momentum during the pandemic, and consumers under the age of 30 are the main drivers of this trend. Indeed, digital-first customer preferences are likely to become more entrenched in the years ahead.

Ostler adds: “The pace of change in any industry is usually dictated by the customer. And what bank customers want is a digital-first approach to their financial transactions, in real-time, from anywhere, on a reliable and secure network. Significant investments in modernization have helped banks in Canada anticipate and meet the evolving preferences of their customers.”


Online banking is still the most common way people bank

As banking technologies have come to the forefront, online banking has cemented its position as the most common form of banking for most Canadians.

  • Half of customers (49 per cent) say that online banking is now their most common banking method – 20 per cent higher than app-based banking, the second ranked method, although that gap is closing.
  • 46 per cent of Canadians increased their use of online banking in the last few years, particularly among consumers under the age of 30 (58 per cent).
  • A large majority (93 per cent) of Canadians are satisfied with online banking.

Though not surprising given recent events, the average Canadian visits their bank’s website five times as often as they do their branch. While online is the predominant banking method for most Canadians, that dominance is declining over time as an increasing number of customers gravitate to mobile app-based tools.


Mobile app-based banking continues to rise, led by Gen Z and Millennial uptake

Every Canadian with a smartphone now has a bank in their pocket. Because most Canadians carry these devices, banks offer mobile banking and payment services and apps that allow customers to perform a variety of transactions through their phones. As a result, the number of Canadians banking on the go continues to rise, particularly among younger customers.

  • 37 per cent of Canadians increased their use of mobile banking in the last few years, led by bank customers under the age of 30 (59 per cent).
  • Nearly half of Gen Z (46 per cent) and well over a third of Millennials (37 per cent) say apps are their leading banking method, as opposed to 29 per cent for all demographics groups combined.
  • Members of Gen Z are five times more reliant on mobile banking technology than older Canadians aged 65 and above.
  • 80 per cent of Canadians say they are satisfied with mobile banking services, up from 73 per cent in 2018.


High levels of trust in banking innovation

With many digital services available today, trust in the security of personal data and financial information has eroded in many sectors of the economy. However, the opposite seems to be true for the banking sector, where confidence is gaining.

  • 87 per cent of customers trust their bank to protect personal information.
  • Banks always put their customers at the centre of trusted innovation.

Canada’s banks have earned a strong reputation as pillars of stability, but they are also dynamic and continually anticipate and adapt to evolving customer preferences. Canadians place high trust in banks because they have delivered convenience through technology for decades – always with a focus on security and privacy.


Digital currencies: interest is growing, but consumers are wary

While the end of physical money is not near, a dizzying array of cryptocurrencies has launched in recent years. How are Canadians responding to these innovations?

  • Led by younger Canadians, more than half (56 per cent) of consumers would consider using a private cryptocurrency.
  • 64 per cent of Canadians say convenience is the main reason they use, or would use, a cryptocurrency.
  • One-third (36 per cent) of consumers expect to be using an alternative currency in five years.

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Best Contemporary Phone Directory – Mexico

Codigo 33 App

Directorio Guadalajara Código 33 Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital, a marketing directory that is the first of its kind for its region, has secured its critical place in the Mexican economy by helping local companies secure a digital footprint. In a global economy that is currently going from rebound to recovery, its dedication to these clients and the understanding, empathetic way it serves them has become more critical than ever before, and so Código 33 is currently doing the best it can to get Mexico and its professionals back on their feet.

Since 2009, the company known as Directorio Guadalajara Código 33 Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital has been making a name for itself as one of Guadalajara’s most prolific and successful agencies. Fundamentally, this company has made itself the first digital business directory in the region of Jalisco, and thus has become known as a hotspot of talent management and identification, allowing for a team to grow around it that focuses on curiosity, collaboration, and growth. The importance of this growth mindset in the team proper is how it can extend out to the clients, as Código 33’s clients and staff alike guide what it creates and achieves on an intrinsic level that is incredibly important to foster.

Thus, Código 33 has become a healthy organisation through naturalistic and sustainable development. With a client base that trust it implicitly with their company’s marketing and digital health, and a team that prioritise openness, honesty, and transparency when working with a client, information sharing is its default setting. In this manner, a client can always choose as much or as little input into the process as they would like, with Código 33 bending over backwards to ensure the process is as stress free as possible. Critically, it encourages an atmosphere where people are welcome to speak their mind.

Helping people become comfortable to speak their mind means setting the parameters of the environment in which they do so; for Código 33, this means building an ecosystem wherein people use their hearts and minds in tandem in order to think hard about what they say, when they say it, and how. This has created a business fuelled by both heart and head in equal measure. Therefore, its ‘measure twice, cut once’ attitude has also grown from the seeds this has sown, making for an internal culture of always double checking one’s working and then being sure and decisive with the following action that the research made possible, using resourcefulness and courage in order to do so.

This also feeds into its dedication to consistent improvement. With more companies under its wing than ever before, across a myriad of different industries from car agencies to bounce house parties, its marketing through its directory is an invaluable resource in its region, emboldened by straightforward, fair, level-headed, generous business strategies that allow it to maintain its independence. The tenacity it displays throughout each of its business moves has certainly heled it survive the tumult of the pandemic, playing a critical role for the health of the local economy in helping companies in their shift towards digital work, implementing its own changes to move towards innovative and hybrid work.


For business enquiries, contact Javier Bradley at Directorio Guadalajara Código 33 Agencia de Publicidad y Marketing Digital via email at  [email protected] or online at

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Why a Virtual PO Box Is a Great Idea For Your Virtual Business

Virtual PO Box

It can be difficult to keep your home and work life separate when you work from home. A virtual PO box allows your virtual business to get mail, without it bombarding your home. With virtual working becoming the most popular method for businesses, below we look at why a virtual PO box is a great idea for your virtual business.


It Is Cost-Effective

If you are looking for a way to save money but maintain privacy, a virtual PO box can do just that. You may not be able to afford your own workspace at the moment, or perhaps you want to keep things virtual. Whatever the reason, finding cost-effective solutions to your problems will ensure that you remain in profit.

When looking for a virtual PO box, be sure to find one that offers low prices, such as PhysicalAddress. Their virtual PO box is perfect for a virtual business that wants to be able to access its postal mail online. Unlike a regular PO box, they have a real street address and a private suite. You can access all your mail through your online account, making it easier than ever to manage your post.


Keeps Your Virtual Business Professional

Any business automatically becomes more credible when they have a business address. It is not always ideal to have your company tied to your home address when you run a virtual business. A virtual PO box will provide customers and clients with a way to contact you, which looks more professional.

This is also helpful if you want to be found on search engines, such as Google. If you haven’t already, creating a Google My Business Profile and using a virtual PO box address will allow more clients to find you. It also improves your rankings when people search on Google Shopping and Maps.  


Maintain Personal Privacy

If you get a virtual business PO box, you will be able to display this as your business address, which helps you and your family maintain privacy. Not everyone is happy to have their home address on their business cards or on the internet, where everyone can see it. If this causes issues for you or your partner, invest in a virtual PO box for an extra level of privacy.


Make Better Use of Your Time

We all know that opening mail can be a pain, especially when trying to run a virtual company. Most virtual PO boxes work by putting your mail on a secure platform. You can then choose whether the letter is opened and scanned to you, or if you want the mail sent to your home. This can help filter out what you don’t need, saving you precious time.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and private way of creating a business address for your virtual business, a virtual PO box is a great idea. This allows your virtual business to look credible and professional and means you can make better use of your time.

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How to Manage Crises within the US Food and Beverage Supply Chain

Waiter returning used plates to the kitchen with food remenants still on them

Over the past couple of years, the world has been affected by a number of significant supply chain issues. In this respect, the US has not been spared. From production and growth problems to a shortage in truck drivers, the pandemic has impacted drink and food availability in several different ways. This has put food and drink manufacturers to the test, dealing both with hurdles in their own supply chains and trying to keep up with demand as a supplier.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that supply chain issues will continue to persist in the near future. With predicted shortages of products such as eggs, dairy, and beef, the supply chain crisis will not be a quick fix. That said, there are some steps that manufacturers can take to mitigate the current hurdles. This article takes a look at what you can do to tackle the ongoing issues.


Safeguard your crops and production

First things first, it is crucial to safeguard existing resources. There have been frequent instances in which manufacturers have had to recall products because avoidable problems in the industry. Kraft Heinz, a food manufacturing powerhouse, provides an infamous example. In 2014, they were forced to recall over 1.2m cottage cheese containers because their products hadn’t been stored at the right temperature.

Therefore, to prevent avoidable recalls and product spoilage, equipment maintenance should always be a top priority. Many manufacturers, rather than operating on a reactive maintenance model, tend to intervene only when machinery has already failed. But checking equipment on a regular basis and switching to reactive maintenance can help pinpoint potential problems before they actually occur. With the advancement of AI and technology, there are plenty of tools that will help you monitor the integrity of your machinery.

Food contamination is another problem that can put the health of consumers in danger and result in recalls. Stats show that foodborne illnesses affect around one in six Americans each year, causing 128,000 hospitalizations and even 3,000 deaths. One of the most common causes of food poisoning is salmonella, which accounts for 19,000 cases every year. From unsanitary cabling to food handlers not washing their hands, there is an array of processes that can impact the hygiene of food. This is why many manufacturers opt for stainless steel enclosures that are easy to decontaminate and clean.


Reconsider your suppliers

Price and access to raw materials, which are crucial for making foodstuffs, are prominent problems at the moment. Relying on only one or two suppliers for a key ingredient is risky, as they may experience issues themselves. Hence, it is wise for manufacturers to diversify their suppliers to avoid disruption on their end.

There is no hiding that the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on small businesses in the US and all over the world. If your business is searching for new suppliers, why not prioritize and support local businesses? In a time when our planet is dealing with the effects of global warming, this will also have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. In fact, going local can truly boost manufacturers’ green credentials too.


Tackle food waste

Consumer food waste is a pressing issue across the globe, and the United States is certainly not exempt. In fact, the US holds an unenviable record of being the country that discards more food than any other country. To be specific, Americans waste nearly 40m tons of food every year, which equates roughly to 30-40% of the whole US food supply. To put things into perspective, this is equal to every American throwing more than 650 average-sized apples right into the bin.

With soaring prices and food shortages, the country should strive to significantly reduce unnecessary food waste. In this respect, it is safe to say that the US government is already taking action. In fact, new laws and legislations have been implemented with the overall goal of decreasing food waste by 50% by 2030. This is a good opportunity for both the government and businesses to promote campaigns that inform people about the amount of food that is being needlessly thrown away.

Food manufacturers can have a say in this too. With tips on how to store food and make it last longer, packaging can be a great tool to educate consumers. It can be a perfect way to offer precious advice, including putting fresh herbs in water, storing uneaten bread in the freezer, and moving dried products into airtight glass containers.     


Supply chain problems in the US are likely to persist for a while longer. It may be tricky to completely tackle price fluctuations and product shortages, but manufacturers can follow a few useful steps to mitigate the existing issues. This will help them continue to provide businesses and consumers with the essential resources they require.

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Best Engineering Procurement Construction Specialists – Canada

Cooling towers with the International Cooling Tower logo in the top left corner

As an outstanding cornerstone of the international construction community, International Cooling Tower Incorporated has made a name for itself with incredible cooling solutions that can be applied across a myriad of different industries. Able to handle the intensity of oil and gas cooling, as well as renewable energy plant cooling and more, its cooling towers promise to be delivered on time and on budget in order to allow clients to go about serving their own clients and end-customers with confidence, knowing that they have invested in the best solution on the market.

International Cooling Tower Inc. is the place for innovations in the engineering and production of exemplary industrial cooling projects. Fundamentally, their engineering, procurement, and construction services have been serving the industry for years, cementing their place at the top of the sector for high-budget and high-intensity industrial cooling since 1958. A North American market leader, standout company in the field of freshly created solutions, and producer of aftermarket towers of all shapes and sizes, they have committed themselves to being a one-stop-shop for industrial process, chemical, oil, gas, renewables, and power facility elements.

They have also achieved this in a worldwide sense. Since its inception, their exemplary work and work ethic has secured their notoriety in their market segments, increasing their good reputation amongst their peers and customers, both prospective and current, to form a large contact network. Additionally, with the materials, parts, and equipment at their disposal at any given time, their dedicated and diligent team and longstanding relationships with vendors allows them to be on time, every time. No matter how tight the deadlines are for a specific project or build, International Cooling Tower Inc. promises they will go above and beyond to help a client meet them; this, aided massively by their logistical partnerships and connections, has developed a penchant for reliability that has allowed them to enjoy continual growth.

Furthermore, their team are another outstanding element of their business operations – from their building experts to their administration team – each offering the height of integrity, equality, and respect when it comes to the customer service they provide. In this way, their staff are invigorated by challenge and undaunted by roadblocks. However, even with all this being said, roadblocks are very rarely an issue due to International Cooling Tower Inc.’s brilliant project management acumen, allowing it them track and schedule processes on time every time, as well as to deliver their projects within the budget that has been given to them by the client.

In addition, their quality management, construction procedures, and 3rd party certifications show how they ensure they perform their work correctly the first time, every time. This ability to take care of their clients and the projects brought to them have further secured the reputation that International Cooling Tower Inc. has been building since its inception, making for a company that clients are happy to come back to using time and time again. These clients also go on to leave them glowing reviews, recommending their services to industry peers through word-of-mouth referrals, is something they wish to thank each and every one of them for, as it continues to provide the best cooling tower services in 2022 and beyond.


For business inquiries, contact Jeff Colliou McKay at International Cooling Tower Inc. via

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The Many Benefits of Using SWOT Analysis In Your Marketing and Sales

SWOT Analysis

In the unpredictable world of marketing, businesses tend to shift and change at a rapid pace. As new technologies and consumer behaviors emerge, older methods of doing business become obsolete.

For businesses that want to remain competitive in today’s environment, it is important to constantly monitor your company’s position and identify areas for improvement. One methodology used by many companies is swot analysis. Below are some benefits associated with using swot analysis:


1. A Good SWOT Analysis Example Can Grow Your Business

By identifying your company’s strengths and weaknesses (internal and external factors), you will be able to make appropriate changes that will help grow your business.

For example, if the swot analysis identifies a weakness with social media marketing, you may decide to hire an outside firm (such as Accu-Swot ) to come in and consult on how best to utilize this medium. In doing so, you can personally take advantage of what others have already learned through other companies while avoiding their mistakes.


2. Monitor Your Competitors

Using swot analysis allows businesses to closely monitor their competitors. Understanding both internal and external factors helps maintain competitive advantages over rivals. Learning from your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses allow savvy marketers to strategize methods for unseating them from their standing in the industry.


3. Your Personal SWOT Analysis Can Deliver a Compelling Message to Your Target Audience

When done correctly, swot analysis allows marketers and salespeople to identify attributes of their company’s offerings that will be appealing to customers. This helps generate positive brand imagery and improve the chances of converting prospects to buyers because they relate to certain benefits associated with your product or service.


4. Improve Social Media Marketing  

Instead of blindly posting content on social media networks (without knowing if it is relevant), companies today are using swot analysis as a way to make sure their online marketing efforts are targeted at key audiences. For example, if your weaknesses indicate you need more work in the area of public relations, you can use a swot analysis to determine which social media sites your target market is likely to frequent. In doing so, you can begin making connections with the right people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

Need to hit this one right out of the park? Then head on to the most raved-after graph maker on the net -Venngage! Make your own designs from dozens of templates in a matter of minutes.


5. A Company SWOT Analysis Identifies Areas for Improvement

One of the biggest benefits associated with using swot analysis is that it helps identify areas where your company can improve operations or innovate new products and/or services. By examining internal factors (strengths and weaknesses), you can make the necessary changes to help guide your business toward future success.


6. SWOT Analysis Enhances Product Development  

You may also want to consider using swot analysis as part of your product development process because this methodology helps marketers know what features will appeal most to consumers. This is especially important for businesses that are developing new offerings because it allows them to test the market before putting resources into full-scale development. For example, you may discover through swot analysis that your company could benefit from making changes to an existing product or creating a complementary offering (such as adding mobile app software for use with your current products).


7. A SWOT Matrix Helps Gain Clarity Regarding R&D

Another way companies can use swot analysis in their business operations is by doing regular research and development checks. By analyzing internal factors (strengths and weaknesses), it becomes easier to determine where innovation efforts should be focused. This can help companies avoid spending unnecessary time and money on projects that do not align with the vision of the business.

Instead of making assumptions, you can use swot analysis to gather the information needed to make informed decisions.


8. Guide Your Business Operations  

Another benefit of using swot analysis is that it helps guide company operations by providing valuable insight surrounding your internal factors (strengths and weaknesses). You can use this data to create sound business plans which will help map out future goals. This allows businesses to plan for success instead of jumping in blindly without understanding how circumstances may be affected by different internal and external factors.


9. Enhance Customer Relationships

Today’s savvy marketers know that in order to gain a following in the marketplace, they must develop customer relationships based on trust. When done successfully, companies can turn customers into loyal brand evangelists who are willing to promote their products and services. By using swot analysis, these business leaders can identify the types of benefits that will resonate most with customers (by identifying customer needs) and create messaging that addresses these needs (which inevitably builds loyalty).



Swot analysis can help you focus on your business goals and improve your marketing strategy. By taking the time to do a swot analysis, you can better understand what areas of your marketing need improvement and make changes that will benefit your business.

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Company Cars: Everything You Need to Know

Company Car

What is the definition of a business car?

A company automobile is a vehicle provided by a corporation or organization to an employee for personal usage as well as work purposes.

Traditionally, business automobiles were purchased in bulk and the keys were simply given over to an employee, but nowadays, many employees are referred to as ‘user-choosers.’ The user can select from a list of options that is limited by their company.

If you are still looking for used cars for sale, the other form of business automobile is the ‘work-need’ vehicle, which is still purchased in bulk and is an important element of the employee’s employment. These automobiles are more utilitarian, such as medium-sized estates, and while the worker will still be taxed the same manner, depending on the car’s CO2 emissions and price, they will have less freedom in terms of what they drive because the company often buys a large number of the same vehicle.


What is the procedure for calculating the corporate automobile tax?

The benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax scheme provides the government with a sizable monthly revenue from business car drivers, based on a computation based on two factors: the car’s P11D price and its CO2 emissions figure. The official emissions statistic assigns an automobile to one of many bands, ranging from 13% to 37% for the 2018/19 tax year, and that percentage is the taxable benefit of the vehicle. A Ford Focus 1.0-litre petrol with 125 horsepower, for example, emits 108g/km, putting it in the 22 percent BIK tax band: 22 percent of the car’s cost. Depending on the driver’s individual income tax bracket, you’ll be charged 20% or 40% of that amount.


How can I calculate the P11D value of my car?

The tax office uses the automobile’s P11D value to determine how much a corporate car driver must pay. It’s extremely similar to a car’s list price, including VAT and any manufacturer-specified delivery charges, which vary by brand, but not its initial registration cost or Vehicle Excise Duty.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at the P11D value of a car is that it includes any optional accessories. If the driver opts for larger alloy wheels, for example, there’s a good probability that the CO2 emissions would rise as well, potentially resulting in a double-whammy of costs if the car is placed in a higher BIK band.

The government’s Ultra Low Emission Vehicle grant, which reduces the cost of buying an electric car but has recently been severely curtailed, is not taken into account in the P11D cost, therefore drivers are taxed on the pre-grant price.


How can I keep my corporate car tax cost to a minimum?

There is one option for a corporate vehicle driver to lower the amount of money he or she pays to the government. HM Revenue and Customs has been exceptionally liberal with electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles in an effort to encourage drivers to switch to plug-in vehicles in order to reduce vehicle emissions and enhance air quality. That will be even more so starting in April 2020, when the tax on fully electric vehicles will be reduced.

However, even before that, automobiles producing 50 grams per kilometer or fewer – which only includes plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles – pay substantially less tax than even the most efficient diesel counterpart.

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Best Indigenous Owned Sustainable Energy Developer 2021

Wind terbines on a hil with a purple sunset behind. The Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation (NNC) logo is in the top left corner

Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation (NNC) is a 100% Inuit-owned renewable energy developer based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qikiqtaaluk Corporation, NNC strives to work with communities in the Qikiqtani region to identify clean energy solutions that foster economic, social, and environmental benefits for Nunavummiut. It partners with communities to develop and implement clean, reliable, and affordable renewable energy solutions in the Qikiqtani region.

Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation prioritizes community support for projects and as such, strives to ensure transparency throughout the development, construction, and operational phases of each project. Its goal is to empower communities in the Qikiqtani region through the development and installation of sound clean energy infrastructure.

The renewable energy industry remains in its infancy in Nunavut. Remote communities in Canada continue to be heavily reliant on diesel fuel for electricity generation, which is neither economically nor environmentally sustainable. With this, NNC strives to develop projects which incorporate innovative technologies, proven in Arctic climates, for installation in communities in the Qikiqtani region. Safety and reliability are key factors to prioritize when installing electrical generation equipment in remote communities and thus, only proven clean technologies are incorporated into its projects. The company aligns with strategic partners who have technical expertise in renewable energy systems in remote communities to ensure all projects are soundly designed and developed.

Being Nunavut’s first 100% Inuit-owned renewable energy provider, it thus remains of paramount importance that it remains based in Nunavut. Located in the territorial capital allows it access to various territorial government departments, Inuit organizations, and non-profit organizations with whom it engages to advocate for fair energy policies in Nunavut. As the main travel hub in the territory, being located in Iqaluit also allows the company relatively easy access to traveling to communities in the Qukiqtani region.

Its base in Iqaluit along with connections with relevant stakeholders in the territory, NNC is able to stay informed on up-to-date developments in the regulatory space. Collaborating with other developers in the territory allows it to understand technological innovations and to share lessons learned in the development process in Nunavut. Partnerships and collaboration with communities allows the company to ensure its projects are developed to a high standard, ensuring incorporation of community priorities in development activities.

However, the major challenge regarding renewable energy development in Nunavut is the regulatory landscape. There is currently no policy in the territory to permit the sale of electricity from independent power producers at the community level. While residential and commercial customers in Nunavut are able to install renewable energy generating systems at their facilities, community-scale renewable energy generation is not yet permitted in the region, making any kind of significant reduction in diesel fuel use in the territory impossible. NNC continues to develop renewable energy solutions with communities in the Qikiqtani region and advocate for fair energy policies at the territorial level in an effort to enable the clean energy transition in Nunavut.

NNC is now looking towards the future, with two projects in advanced stages of development, both of which it hopes to move to construction phases this year, thereby realizing the associated economic, social, and environmental benefits to renewable energy in Nunavut. A clean energy microgrid project in Iqaluit as well as a wind and battery energy storage project in Sanikiluaq are among its top priorities to continue advancing in 2022.


For business inquiries, contact Heather Shilton at Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation via [email protected] or

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Tremendous Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. Secures Success

Tunnel worker examines pipeline in underground tunnel

The tunneling industry never stands still and finding the most modern solutions is critical to ensuring the efficient completion of a project. In the North America Business Elite Awards 2021, Turn – Key Tunneling Inc. was named Best Tunneling & Boring Contractor 2021 – Eastern USA for its ingenuity. We thought it right to dig a little deeper into the depths of their incredible achievement.

In 2005, after spending many years in the tunneling industry, Curt Blevins and Brian Froehlich opened up Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc.. Curt was a hands-on tunnel expert and Brian was a Professional Engineer learning the industry.  Together, they knew their skills were in great demand and could benefit many projects and clients. The firm’s ethos from the very beginning, therefore, has been to offer precisely what their company says on the tin. If Turn – Key is defined by being ready for immediate use, the team behind Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. has striven to complete every project to that high and exacting standard.

The tunneling industry is constantly changing, as technology advances at a considerable pace. The methods used by the Turn – Key Tunneling team have always kept up with the latest and greatest developments. Over the last sixteen years, the business has been able to become a reputation leader capable of taking on work throughout the US and being the preferred provider for many. No matter what the challenge, the team’s knowledge and detailed experience of the industry allows them to find the perfect solution for every situation.

Tunneling comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and Turn – Key Tunneling has always focused on trenchless tunneling and boring operations. The team’s services include hand-mining, auger boring, emergency culvert repair and vertical shafts to name but a few. The variety of what the team has to offer means they have performed the installation of 8″ to 84″ steel casing pipe utilizing traditional auger boring methods, vertical shaft construction, installation of liner plates, slip-lining to restore damaged or failed sewers, pipe jacking and hard rock boring using SBU technology. The team adapts to each project, able to collaborate with a client or perform an operation entirely in-house thanks to the presence of the firm’s Professional Engineer.

The team’s most important asset is its people, with their unique expertise being key to the success of many projects.  The work undertaken by the team comes with incredible risk, and as far as possible this risk is mitigated through the following of best practices at all times. Employees work harder and better because they know that they will be returning home to their families safe and sound, satisfied by a job well done. An open communication policy ensures that everyone has a say, and can contribute at all times. No idea is ignored, and great ideas are encouraged.

The strength of the team’s workforce has seen the ownership of Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. pass over to employees as an Employee Stock Ownership Program. This allows vested employees to gain from the company as owners and shareholders. With the strength of the team at the heart of what is achieved by Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc., it’s little wonder that they have made this move. As employee owners, everyone is able to receive more benefits from the wonderful service and quality work that they provide.

When looking to Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc., we find a team that is ready for anything. Their skills are unparalleled throughout the industry and their passion for what they do is seemingly never ending. It’s why this team has been consistently in high demand, and why all indications are that they will continue to be for many years to come.



For business inquiries, contact Brian Froehlich at Turn – Key Tunneling, Inc. via email at  [email protected] or web at

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Best Chiropractic Clinic 2021 – DFW

Chiropractor working with a patient

Wellness is so much more than medication. Working hand in hand with the wider medical infrastructure as well as with its patients, Cook Chiropractic Center makes itself its client’s partners in health and wellbeing. From sports injury help – in the form of regular check-ups, physiotherapy, and muscle health maintenance – to personal injury treatment and car accident injury therapy, it invites clients from all walks of life to get in touch with it today, promising that they will only benefit from the help a chiropractor can give them.

With a motto of ‘a beautiful office for all your wellness needs’, Cook Chiropractic Center has secured itself as one of the front runners for good spine health matters in the state of Texas. Its chiropractic experts provide a clean, comfortable, and cutting-edge facility, making use of the foremost training and techniques in order to serve its clients with diligence, offering comprehensive services. Taking appointments by phone, email, and by way of visiting its office to ensure they have many ways to get in touch. Fundamentally, it is always happy to go above and beyond when customers reach out to it in order to help them find the help they need in the shortest amount of time possible, pairing them with the individual in its facility who will be able to help them the most effectively.

Over the years, it has helped to treat auto injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries, subluxations, and headaches. Nominally, in treating these, it applies its incredible knowledge of anatomy and personal health, drawing from the pool of experts who make up its staff to ensure it can bring a nuanced and well-informed perspective to every appointment, making each patient feel both seen and heard. When it comes to auto-injury, it knows that such an injury is incredibly distressing. Car accidents make up a large percentage of why people end up in accident and emergency, after all, and it knows the shock and upset from having your life turned upside down by one circumstantial moment; to aid this, it works with empathy and understanding in order to provide physiotherapy for car accident victims, treating neck and back injuries associated with them.

Much of the time, when such accidents happen, the people involved suffer from resulting indicators of whiplash. Sometimes, it’s not serious, but other times it leaves people with intense muscle pain, such as intense stiffness that hinders their ability to function normally, resulting in blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain, back pain, reduced range of motion, and arm pain. These are all things that Cook Chiropractic Center has helped many a patient with in the past, and it promises to continue to do so in the future. Additionally, its sports injuries treatments focus on getting an athlete who has hit the unfortunate roadblock of a persistent injury to get back out there – using a balanced, holistic, therapeutic approach to make this possible – all to the benefit of the wider musculoskeletal system’s health.

Automobile accidents, bike and pedestrian collisions, boat and airplane accidents, construction incidents, OSHA violation injuries, medical malpractice; all of these are things it can help its clients to resolve by way of holistic, empathic, and dedicated care that puts their comfort and safety above all else. Critically, it works with a client as well as for them, offering cranial adjustment, cryotherapy, electrical stimulation therapies, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and so much more, each treatment promising to help a client manage their pain and take back control of their lives.


For business inquiries, contact Regina Cook at Cook Chiropractic Center via                                      

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Wish news would travel a bit faster?

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