GoodFirms Latest Survey on SEO to Boost Your SERP Rankings to Adopt New Strategies During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19, most of the businesses are becoming more reliant than ever on digital marketing. It includes several techniques to promote a brand, product, or service. Companies have been showing more interest in digital marketing and their innovative strategies. Industries from diverse sectors have understood the significance of digital marketing to stay one jump ahead of all competitors.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful strategies in digital marketing. In this unprecedented situation of the pandemic, businesses are opting for SEO tactics as the key to resilience to mitigate against the loss.

The Best SEO Companies & Services are helping the organizations to improve their online presence, increase the chances of the company’s websites to rank higher in the search engines like Google, etc. As higher the organization’s content features on the search engine results page (SERP) for the critical keywords and phrases, there are better chances of reaching new and relevant leads.

The latest research by GoodFirms on SEO to Boost your SERP Rankings reveals the most popular and preferred SERP Tracking tools. About 41.07% of SEO experts believe Ahrefs is a useful tool to get the exact website analysis report. Around 34.82% voted up for SEMrush for its link building tool, 18.75% for Google Search Console, 16.07% for Google Analytics, 8.93% for MOZ, and 4% for others. 

Apart from this, the study also highlights the primary sources of web traffic such as organic, social, referral, paid search, email, and others(forums, direct, and display). With the help of 100+ SEO professionals, GoodFirms has unfolded the insights to enhance your SERP rankings and stay ahead of the competitors.

For more detailed information to finely hone the SEO skills for your business, here you can check out the recent survey on SEO Strategies, Techniques, & Trends conducted by GoodFirms. In this research, 100+ SEO companies and experts participated to share the insights to learn SEO practices and the challenges faced by them. These participants were asked several thoughtful questions to get deliberate answers that could help them understand how to achieve efficient SEO results for your business.

All these stats give a clear view of the importance of adopting digital marketing strategies to shape up your businesses. Therefore, it is essential to engage with the Top Digital Marketing Companies to get the proper assistance to market your brand, attract new prospects, and earn good profit. is an internationally recognized B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform. It builds a bridge to assist the service seekers in connecting with the best partners that suit their business needs. The analyst squad of GoodFirms conducts a profound assessment where each agency is assessed following several parameters.

The research process of GoodFirms includes three main pillars that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Further, each element is subdivided into multiple metrics to analyze every agency deeply. It integrates with verifying past and present portfolios, years of experience, market presence, and feedback received by their customers.

After this method, focusing on the overall assessment process, each firm obtains scores that are out of a total 60. Hence, considering these points, all the agencies are indexed in the list of top IT development and designing companies, best software, and other service providers from the various sectors of industries.

Additionally, GoodFirms encourages service providers to engage in the research process and show compelling evidence of work done by them. Thus, grab an opportunity to Get Listed for free in the catalog of top companies as per their categories. Holding a presence at GoodFirms will increase the chances to be more perceptible, meet new prospects, and grow your business globally.