Sword GRC selects Procurement Garage as expansion partner in Latin America and Mexico, extending risk management expertise and practice across Supply Chain & Logistics projects in Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Sword GRC, a leading supplier of risk, compliance and governance solutions, has announced a new partnership agreement with Procurement Garage (PG), a consultancy firm in Brazil. PG, a specialist in e-Procurement and Sourcing technologies covering supply chain, logistics, technology implementation and industry processes, partnered with Sword GRC for its proven credentials in Risk Management.

PG, which has offices across Latin American, has been instrumental in helping clients in many sectors to move to more strategic and active supply chain and logistics management, contributing directly to its customers’ results, and enabling organizations to adopt industry best practice in processes, people, technology and management. Sword GRC’s Active Risk Manager (ARM) provides a robust platform to enable organizations to take a risk-based approach across the entire operation, with individual risk registers rolling up and combining to provide the Board and senior management with a Single View of Risk on which to base business decisions.

Leonardo Alexander, CEO at PG, said: “Risk is becoming a valuable part of the decision-making process to support business performance and a risk department is only as good as its system. Whatever the industry, organizations need to ensure the safe execution and management of projects, operations and business activities. PG is confident that Sword GRC’s ARM is a robust, secure and easy to use system. Together PG and Sword GRC can help Brazilian companies take all the steps to comply with rules, regulations and industry best practices.

“Many industries are implementing technology to assist with process automation and improve their productivity, visibility, accountability and cost efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. PG is the partner to drive and support digital transformation in Brazil and Latin America”, Alexander concluded.

Charles Longridge, Director of Global Partnerships at Sword GRC commented; “Sword GRC is committed to providing the very best in enterprise risk management solutions to our customers internationally. As part of this strategy we continue to expand our network of partners to provide local expertise and support to customers across the globe. Procurement Garage is a key partner for us in Brazil and will provide the ideal base for our expansion across Latin America.”