The sky is the limit for My Wine Society. The future is certainly bright for this up and coming wine platform according to their latest valuation. A firm out of Chicago took an interest in the start-up and executed a third party valuation of My Wine Society.

The valuation was based on a number of factors, but especially the key partnerships, inside and outside of the wine industry, and hundreds of winery partners globally that the wine based company has accrued thus far.

These crucial  partnerships, along with the experienced team running the company and seemingly effortless winery adoption, culminated in a valuation of $16MM. This is a huge accomplishment considering that My Wine Society jumped from $5MM to $16MM in just one years time. 

 “Based on the reactions to My Wine Society over the past year, this level of success and overall achievement makes a lot of sense. The Director of Platform Architecture and Client Experience said; “I genuinely received only positive feedback from every individual I presented the app too, end users, wine makers, chefs, film industry, etc. Most were impressed by the gamified aspect and the potential as we scale.”

MWS had humble beginnings and truly started by simply seeing a problem that needed to be solved. CEO Sean Evans, who started My Wine Society, wanted to help the wineries connect with the next generation of wine enthusiasts via mobile platform;

“We have the ability to give each winery their own experience within our app. So what that means in layman’s terms is it’s essentially a communication portal for the wineries to specifically communicate and engage with their followers in a unique and private way on our platform.” 

The company and valuation are only expected to rise over the following year. Sean Evans stated that he is looking forward to the wine community “seeing and experiencing this amazing, powerful technology that is really going to change the mobile space.” With followers on the rise and popularity growing by the day, My Wine Society is really taking flight. 

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