Lebrusan Studio and Ellie Air are Saving the Rainforest

Lebrusan Studio and Ellie Air are teaming up this weekend to raise funds in protection of the planet’s rainforests.

From Friday 27th to Monday 30th September they are running their Save the Rainforest campaign, offering 10% off on a broad selection of collection items and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Rainforest Alliance. Customers simply need to enter the code ‘AMAZON10’ at the stores’ online checkouts to claim their discounts.

This coactive effort is a reaction to the record number of fires that began devastating the Amazon in August and continue to burn the rainforest at an alarming rate.

Capitalist exploitation is to blame for the catastrophe, with most of the fires started intentionally to clear land for farming and generate immense profit for multinational companies. Urgent action around the world is now vital to put an end to the destruction of one of our planet’s most important ecological regions, home to around three million different species of plants and animals.

The Rainforest Alliance are a non-governmental organisation working to pressure the Brazilian government to reinstate the environmental enforcement essential to defending the Amazon against illegal logging, destructive slash-and-burn agriculture, and other threats.

During the last week of August, Ellie Air stepped forward to donate 30% of proceeds to the charity. The campaign caught the eye of fellow Fairmined Gold licensee Lebrusan Studio, leading to the brands’ collaborative Save the Rainforest campaign.

Lebrusan Studio’s discount and donation offer applies to all collection items, excluding bridal jewellery and bespoke pieces.

The award-winning ethical jewellery brand also donate quarterly to the Water Project, demonstrating that their commitment to social and environmental responsibility extends beyond the responsible sourcing of materials.