Gander & White Palm Beach. Image courtesy of Gander & White

Gander & White, one of the world’s leading full-service art shipping companies, is delighted to announce that it is enlarging its Palm Beach facility. The new structure will expand the site on Mercer Avenue by a third – from 20,000 ft2 to 30,000 ft2. The sixmonth project has been initiated due to increasing demand for Gander & White’s services in South Florida, where the operator has had a presence since the early 2000s. The extension is expected to be operational by summer 2019.

Today Gander & White in Florida boasts over 45 employees, 9 fine art vehicles, 50,000 ft2 of operational and climate control storage for fine art between West Palm Beach and Miami.

The concrete extension will be 24ft (7.3m) high, designed to facilitate the secure storage of objects of all sizes. 7,000 ft2 will be dedicated to mixed use climatecontrolled storage as well an expansive viewing room. This 600 ft2 space will allow

clients to view their artworks either held in storage or brought specially to the facility for viewing purposes. The remaining space will be administrative.

The Palm Beach extension adds to Gander & White’s significant operations and fine art storage facilities in Florida, creating a total of 60,000 ft2 between its locations in Miami and Palm Beach. Gilles de Greling, Gander & White‘s Palm Beach director of operations, says: ‘I opened the first office for Gander & White in Florida in 2002 and moved to our current facility in July 2004. That summer we experienced three consecutive hurricanes: Charley, Frances and Jeanne. Six months later we were at capacity. We then looked to expand and chose to open in Miami in 2006.’

This expansion will allow Gander & White to offer an enhanced service to the Gulf Coast of the US and the Caribbean. Already employing some of the finest art technicians in Florida, the operator’s greatest strength lies in its ability to offer the widest range of art logistical services.

De Greling adds: ‘Expansion is long overdue with a constantly growing demand for our services. Our philosophy is to be a resource center, a one-stop-shop for our clients. We can handle their storage needs, estate relocation, hang their artworks, install a 64arm 3-tier Venini chandelier, rig their outdoor monumental sculptures and ship their collection to and from most destinations in the world. We can also recommend a variety of local craftsmen, framers and conservators.’

Gander & White Palm Beach looks forward to opening its new extension and continuing to offer an expert service to an ever-growing client base.