How to Get Your Business Website Noticed


With so much competition out there, it’s essential that you make the right decisions – no matter how trivial they might seem – when creating and running your business website. Due to the height of the online market, your business website is one area you can’t afford to neglect or take for granted.

Here is a devised number of useful tips for you to apply to your business website and successfully have it noticed within the online consumer market.

Practical Design is Important

The journey to gaining more traffic and encouraging more people to land on your site can be a very difficult one, which means you want to avoid anything which deters them when they actually do land on your website. What this means is that attractive design is significantly important in holding the attention of your visitors, and allowing them to browse freely and easily on your business website.

You should consider all aspects of the design front, including color scheme, font, use of a logo, contact information, tabs and categories, and also thumbnail images and how your website fares when open at the same time as other tabs within a browser. Using a favicon can be a beneficial element to the tab of your business site that can add credibility. Therefore it’s important to plan your favicon design and how to use it in the best possible way.

Get to Grips with Your Keywords and Use Them Wisely

In order to get your business noticed in the right way, you need to understand which keywords will enable you to do that. You should take the time to understand your target keywords and devise a strategy that will best enable you to use them.

It isn’t enough to simply know which keywords you are targeting and throw them haphazardly into your content; you need to put some serious thought behind how best to use them in both a natural and productive way, and which avenues will allow you to get the most out of your keywords and hopefully drive more traffic to your website.

Some tips for using your keywords in the best possible way include:

– Putting yourself into your consumers’ shoes

This means thinking like them, and deciding how you would phrase a search term in a search engine if you were looking for your particular product. Understanding how consumers type search terms can be very beneficial when targeting your keyword phrases.

– Analyzing the keyword behavior of consumers

You need to make sure you have an analytical strategy in place which enables you to look and follow the behavior patterns of your target market, including how they are using search engines to find what they are looking for. Only then can you better target your keywords towards them.

– Avoiding neglecting long-tail keywords

Your keyword strategy should also include relevant phrases of three or more words. These phrases should help in better identifying your product or service and should be formulated alongside standalone keywords.

Invest in Your Own, Personalized Domain Name

Your website needs to be professional, no matter the business area, and a registered domain name is an important method in appearing professional. It can be tempting as a startup especially to create a free website quickly just to have something out there until you can advance your business plans, but free domain names can often seem unprofessional – or at the very least less enticing than a business competitor with their own domain name. It could be the reason a consumer clicks on to your competitor’s site instead of your own.

Build a List of Links (as Many as You Can)

In order to build authority for your site, it’s important to build as many external links and backlinks as possible. A great place to start is to create social media profiles for your business and then link back to your official website, such as through your biography and through the content you post on social media.

You then need to source as many backlinks as you can through external sites, such as being mentioned in another company’s blog post or being recommended by another service in order for people to click on your website.

Guest blogging and guest posting is also a beneficial area to look into, as you can then use another website to promote your business and hopefully receive lots of backlinks to your services.

At the end of the day, the more authority businesses and websites which are openly linking back to your business site looks impressive and trustworthy to any consumer who is looking.

Create Good Content, and Think Logically About the Content You Produce

Although informative content is very important, you shouldn’t ever create content simply for content’s sake. Every piece of content you deliver should have a focus and goal in mind, whether it’s to push a particular keyword or keyword phrase or to offer a promotional piece on a new product or service.

Taking the time to understand why you are producing a particular piece of content means you can then tailor every aspect of it to fulfill that need and to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

For example, if you need to create a piece of content to showcase a new product, think about how best you can do so. Would a demonstrative video work better than a blog, in order for consumers to see a product in action? Or would a detailed blog be more beneficial to explain a certain area of your business, if consumers can then read at their leisure instead of needing to turn up the volume and listen closely?

Understand the need, and then the right content will follow.

You should also ensure that content methods vary across your site – it’s a good idea to try and tick off many forms of content, such as videos, blogs, quick posts on social media and images for your website. Content needs to be fresh and ever-changing; otherwise you risk visitors becoming bored with seeing the same sort of content time and time again on your website.

By following these steps, you’re providing your business with the best chance of being noticed.

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