Brighter’s main patent for diabetes care device Actiste granted in Brazil

Brighter’s main patent for Actiste – the world’s first complete IoT unit for diabetes monitoring and treatment – has been granted in Brazil. Brighter is a Swedish-based company that, from a unique IP portfolio, creates smart solutions for chronic health conditions such as diabetes.

Brazil is one of Brighter’s most important target markets. About 9% of Brazil’s adult population – some 13 million people – suffer from diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Association (2017). The financial burden of the disease and its complications is high, and there is a strong need for more effective preventive care and everyday treatment.

“This is a strategically important development for Brighter,” says CEO Henrik Nyström. “Brazil is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of the absolute number of people with diabetes. Studies show that the majority do not achieve metabolic control.”

“In the long term, this is one of the most important markets we intend to establish and will likely be the first South American country we enter. I have previously lived and worked in Brazil, and seen the development up close.”

Actiste brings together all the necessary functions for diabetes care –blood sampling, blood glucose measurement and drug injection – in a single connected device. The solutionis based on patented technology for collecting data on specified biomarkers and injected volumes of drugs. With state-of-the-art eSIM technology, Actiste has global out-of-the-box connectivity, which means that it is completely independent of other devices for sharing health and treatment data. 

The Actiste device is delivered as part of a subscription service. The service includes global connectivity, different levels of data sharing, continuous replenishment of consumables directly to the home, and continuous coaching to optimize and improve treatment.