Boomi Announces Insights, Innovation in API Management, and Expanded Event Driven Architecture Support for Boomi Platform

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, today announced its product vision for the future, as well as product enhancements available today, including expanded functionality of its full lifecycle API Management, at the company’s annual conference, Boomi World 2019. The company unveiled details about ‘business insights,’ and its Event Driven Architecture (EDA) initiative that enables customers to experiment, develop and adopt event driven architectures seamlessly.

“Our customers are always being asked to do more with less. No one is asking for less data slower, and they have to be able to unify past, present and future data and applications seamlessly within their digital ecosystems,” said Michael Morton, Boomi’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Customers are looking to Boomi to help solve their business problems and allowing them to achieve all kinds of business outcomes, faster. To do so they have to connect everything in real-time.”

Boomi’s Insights

Morton and Boomi’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Wood, announced on stage at Boomi World ‘19, how Boomi’s platform provides business insights, and offers intelligence capabilities that raise the bar in the iPaaS market. Boomi can deliver real, actionable insights about how a customer’s business operates day-to-day in a way that no other iPaaS can. Boomi’s technology can deliver a higher order of insights around the categorization of data that customers are transacting.

Boomi is enabling enterprise leaders to glean business insights from their connected digital ecosystem. The more a customer integrates with Boomi, the richer the insights become. As an example, from the very same meta-data that is produced today, customers have the opportunity to gain insights into the detection and movement of sensitive data, which applications are moving the data and how often it is being moved. These business insights allow customers to make more informed business and technology decisions.

And of course, the customer dictates what clouds or servers you connect to and where you send your data – the power over customer data sits with the customer.

Full Lifecycle API Management

Boomi’s API management offering allows customers to leverage their data and processes, and engage a broader ecosystem including internal business units, partners and customers. With this announcement, Boomi can support full lifecycle API management with three key functionalities – API Proxy, API Gateway, and API Developer Portal. Boomi provides businesses with the security and scalability to confidently leverage their data and drive successful outcomes in the API economy.

“Organizations want to extend the use of their data and application assets beyond the confines of their own ecosystem to a broader set of consumers,” said Steve Wood, Boomi’s Chief Product Officer.

“They want to engage their own customer base and provide an expanded breadth of services by extending them as APIs. The new Boomi full lifecycle API Management capabilities deliver the ease of use and time to value to quickly spin up APIs while providing enterprises with the requisite security, governance and scalability assurances to extend their reach.”

Benefits of the enhancements to Boomi’s full lifecycle API Management include:

Faster time to value– The new Boomi API Developer Portal offers self-service options that shortens the time to achieving business outcomes. It enables consumer engagement by providing discoverability of available services. Its self-service approach enables developers to self-administer applications, self-register and approve the use of APIs.

Greater security & scalability– The Boomi API Gateway provides a governance mechanism that protects the execution of APIs while providing that essential layer for scalability. The API Gateway is built on top of the Boomi Atom runtime distribution technology. This makes it ideal for governing external APIs or internal microservices that require governance and protection, either on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge.

Seamless integration with third-party APIs– The Boomi API Proxy enables the ability to use Boomi as a centralized mechanism for all APIs and services created within or outside of Boomi. With the API Proxy, customers can easily incorporate third-party data and third-party APIs. Boomi’s API Proxy provides customers with that essential tool to easily manage their multi-cloud deployments using the lightweight Boomi runtime infrastructure.

In addition to API design and Management, Boomi’s cloud-native unified platform designed for ease of use and high productivity also includes application and data integration, a master data hub, B2B/EDI management, app development and workflow automation.

Connect Everything Seamlessly with Event Driven Architectures

Boomi also announced a new customer focused program that enables organizations to experiment, develop, and adopt event driven architectures seamlessly.

Gartner has commented recently that, “EDA is at the very heart of real-time-sensitive digital business. Organizations capture real-world business events in digital form as they happen, by ‘listening’ to event sources like Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile applications, ecosystems, and social and business networks.”

Starting today, customers can learn and deploy Event Driven Architecture solutions with Boomi through the new EDA page. Growing its EDA partner ecosystem, Boomi is expanding its offering by collaborating with market leaders like Dell EMC around its Pravega project, and Solace with its PubSub technology. Boomi’s EDA initiative also focuses on building a strong partner ecosystem with market leaders around message brokers, event meshes, streaming, and pub/sub technology. Boomi offers integrations for Amazon SQS, Microsoft’s Azure Service Bus services, and Pivotal’s RabbitMQ addressing a variety of use cases to meet customer needs.

With Boomi’s EDA initiative customers are now able to get targeted support as they integrate their solutions with existing applications built using Boomi’s suite of tools. Customers interested in EDA and looking to accelerate their implementations now have a single source of knowledge to help cut through the noise and expedite their journey.