Absolute Translations and Dummies collaborate to share industry insight and prevent businesses from making common translation errors that impact international success in their free, downloadable 60-page guide in classic For Dummies style.

Globally recognised translation experts, Absolute Translations saw too many businesses fall flat in global expansion plans and set out to elevate a key factor – the misunderstanding of cultural and language complexities – in their recently released book, Translation Strategies For Dummies.

In the easy-to-understand but information rich guide, the international language professionals explain the different translation techniques and their uses, simplify technical industry jargon, identify when to seek professional help and controversially, when the translation technologies of today should be used.

The book is the first of its kind to explain the intersection of human translation and digital technologies. Not only acknowledging the extra precautions needed to account for search engine optimization and website localisation, but also how human translators and modern translating software work together to achieve premium results.

CEO and Founder of Absolute Translations and co-author of the book, Sergio Afonso says, ‘Business often approach us for guidance after experiencing a failed attempt to translate their legal and marketing content. We wanted to share our insight in an easy-to-understand and accessible format that helps business owners understand what they need to achieve the level of translation they require.’

He continues, ‘Before any business owner considers going global or looking into the translation options out there, I highly recommend reading this free book to ensure you’re informed, understanding and aware of all the fine details involved in this careful process.’