U.S. Business News Unveils the 2018 North American Excellence Awards Winners

United States, 2018 – U.S. Business News announces the winners of the 2018 North American Excellence Awards.

Over recent years, North American companies have been one of the leading lights of the business domain. Despite the challenges and uncertainty that the industry faces, both organisations and individuals in this diverse region steadfastly refuse to let anything cease them from achieving true excellence in their respective sectors.

To reward the ingenuity and sheer hard work of these firms and the individuals driving them, the 2018 North American Excellence Awards covers a wide spectrum of sectors from finance to real estate, manufacturing to retail. 

Expressing pride in these deserving winners, Sam Jordan Turner, Coordinator said: “Business size, age or market are not considerations- in this awards programme we have focused only on true excellence. As such, it is my honor and privilege to be able to highlight their success through this prestigious awards programme. Congratulations to all of my deserving winners- best of luck for the future!”

All winners for the awards were the result of months of research and analysis from U.S. Business News’ dedicated awards team. As a result, each and every winner was chosen on merit only, and can take great pride from the fact that they were selected for their success.

To find out more about the best of the best in the legal, please visit the North America News website ( for full a full winners’ list and a link to our winners’ supplement.



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