QuickStart Technologies: Innovators in IT

QuickStart Technologies is an innovative IT training company based out of Austin. We caught up with Ed Sattar to find out more about the firm and explore the secrets behind its success.

Supporting a wide range of clients, QuickStart offers a complete solution for businesses and teams that have a need to deliver up-to-date learning content through self-paced, virtual instructor-led, and cognitive learning methods. Ed outlines the firm’s service offering in more detail and explores how the firm creates a truly unique, innovative range of solutions.

“Here at QuickStart, we cater to public and private organizations as well as individuals looking for technical training in different domains of the IT industry such as Data Science, App Development, Dev Ops, ITSM, Cloud Computing, and Information Security.

“To ensure that we provide our clients with innovative solutions, we have formed partnerships with all major players in the IT training domain. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have accreditations from ITIL, Comptia, Ec-Council and a number of other companies. We invest a lot in recruiting and training our instructions and making sure they are the best the industry has to offer.”

Alongside the firm’s work in training space, Quickstart has also worked to change in industry in general and how it delivers
its services, as Ed is keen to highlight.

“Over the years, we have also completely transformed the way IT training is delivered and received online. We use an LMS powered by artificial intelligence to collect and qualify all relevant and useful material related to their course. This means they get the latest useful material from the public domain along with official courseware. Add to that our virtual hands-on labs, community portal, and mentoring, and you have a product that comes with value added services from the very beginning for no additional cost.”

Operating in the IT training market, the firm has to remain at the forefront of the latest technological developments, as this can be crucial to success for any business, as Ed is eager to emphasise.

“Being an IT training organization, we make it a point to keep up with new technologies. As soon as training for a new technology is available in the market, we make it a point to enroll our instructors in said training. We believe that IT professionals should be lifelong learners and we adhere to that philosophy religiously.

“Additionally, we understand that not staying up to date with the latest technology trends can be disastrous for any kind of business. New technologies are being introduced in the market every day, and if you turn a blind eye towards the technological revolution that’s happening all around us, you suffer on two fronts. Firstly, you miss out on new opportunities presented by new technologies and your competitors gain an advantage. Take Uber as an example. If taxi companies had come up with their own app like Uber at the time Uber was gaining traction, they would have been able to retain a reasonable market share. Even though one shouldn’t always jump on the bandwagon when it comes to new technology, it does result in increased productivity, and exciting new opportunities in most cases. In short, if you do not keep up with new technologies, you miss out.

“Secondly, you find yourself unable to protect yourself from cyber-attacks. In 2017, there were so many cyber-attacks on big and small companies alike. There were attacks on public and private sectors alike, and companies like Equifax and Uber were affected along with several public companies across Europe. Recently, reports have come out that these data breaches and
attacks could have been avoided altogether if these companies were following basic cyber security best practices. Instead, they ended up paying millions of dollars in ransom money to hackers who were holding their data hostage. In short, if you do not keep up with new technologies, you are vulnerable.”

Ultimately, as an innovative thought leader within the IT training space, moving forward, Quickstart will be focusing on growing and expanding to support a wider range of clients, as Ed concludes.

“Looking ahead, I am keen to see our organization grow on all fronts during the next five years. To help achieve this, at Quickstart we are currently building our capabilities, with a view to being able to cater to a number of large organizations in the public and private sectors. This will provide us with many great opportunities for further growth and success.”