Linking Innovation and Success

Lynk Labs designs and manufactures patented AC-LED technology devices, drivers, and system solutions. Mike Miskin gives us an overview of the work that the firm does as well as outlining his future aspirations for Lynk Labs.

Lynk Labs Inc. is an industry leading OEM supplier and partner for a variety of Patented LED products with a specialization around low voltage and high voltage AC-LED technology. Lynk manufactures and supplies LED components including assemblies, COB’s, AC LED drivers and system solutions. AC LED technology delivers cost and profile advantages, along with better lighting infrastructure compatibility for LED lighting systems within the existing AC powered lighting grid.

Lynk also offers licensing opportunities for some of its patented technology into certain markets, applications and lighting systems which can include some of the highest volume selling LED products such as Direct Replacement Tubes, Downlights, Track Lighting Systems, Warm Dim lamps, MR lamps and more.

AC-LED based products are rapidly becoming a mainstream technology for all lighting OEMs in high volume new and direct replacement LED applications. Many various forms of Lynk Labs patented technologies are being used in LED lighting today. Some of the main advantages our AC LED technology delivers include reduced total cost of materials, assembly, freight, higher reliability, lower warranty replacement costs, faster design time and time to market.

Starting off, Mike describes his responsibilities as CEO, telling us about his leadership style and what he does to get the best out of his firm. Holding a passion for creativity and innovation, Mike likes to lead by example and hopes his employees follow suit.

“With regard to my role as CEO, the main areas of focus for my responsibilities surround being the visionary and lead innovator behind the patented technology and products that enable Lynk to differentiate itself and compete in our highly competitive industry, strategically developing and strengthening our broad intellectual property portfolio, and developing strategic partnerships that support the strategy of the company and its shareholders.

“My leadership style is built mostly around being an idealist which stems from my early passion for creativity and innovation. I do not accept or want the it cannot be done attitude around me, as I need to see proof or somehow be fully convinced that something cannot be done before I stop trying to pursue the goal or objective. Throughout the years, I have developed technologies that have gone outside of what classical physics teaches because of this. These are some of the main reasons a smaller company like Lynk is able to have leading position in our segment of the LED industry.”

Having touched on what culture he likes to employ within the company, Mike ensures that the can-do attitude is understood by all of his staff. He tells us how this has been formed by his previous experience, listing what challenges he has faced and overcome in order to get to his current role as CEO.

“Throughout the company, our culture is a team-based culture that cares about the team members, what we do as a company and how well treat our customers. My top challenges in building Lynk Labs for the past +20 years has been around pioneering disruptive technologies that went against the mainstream accepted grain.”

Furthermore, being selected in the US CEO of the Year highlights Mike’s success in his role. He outlines what he believes is the key to his success and what other attributes have helped shape his and the company’s achievements.

“Regarding the secrets of my success, I have a passion for innovation, product development and creativity. I believe I have a strong intuition for the direction of where things are headed in the industries I track which, allows me to innovate ahead of market trends and demand. Sometimes far too early as was the case for our AC-LED technology, but that is now paying off and become one of the fastest growing segments in the LED industry.

“My parents, who came over from Yugoslavia, gave me my work ethic and made me desperate to succeed. They taught me lessons and all my dedication and passion comes from them. They have built my key attributes which include: I learn very fast once I have the interest or need to do so, I am very competitive and I hate backing down on, or failing a challenge.”

Competing in the long-term is part of any success in most industries, and it is vital that Lynk keeps up to date with the latest technology trends. Mike explains how he and the firm stay ahead of any developments which may arise, which is interesting particularly as new technology is constantly being released on a daily basis.

“Importantly, staying ahead of any advances regarding technology is critical to enabling the company to compete long term. Personally, I track industry news and learn through a network of industry contacts. Yes, the rapid changing technology life cycle is getting hard to keep up with.”

Regarding the technology market, Mike states what developments he foresees and what techniques the business will employ in order to adapt around these. He talks about being a pioneer in the LED industry, and makes reference to the Lynk’s impressive portfolio.

“Moving forwards, there is a lot to look forward to and we anticipate a lot of changes ahead. I actually pioneered the AC-LED industry segment almost 20 years ago. Over the years, we have built up a broad and strategic patent portfolio. Our technology has been used for years but it only represented a very small percentage of the overall industry.

“Today, AC-LED technology is one of, if not the number one fastest growing technology
segment within the LED industry. Our technology and IP is just now starting to be used in many of the highest volume selling lighting products and this will continue to grow. As a result, we have formed a new IP holding company; Lynk IP Asset Management LLC, and hired former licensing experts from Philips to initiate an industry wide licensing program for Lynk Labs patent assets.”

In his concluding comments, Mike signs off on commenting what the future aspirations are for Lynk and where he sees the company in five years. Having been recognized as CEO, Mike is hopeful that eventually Lynk Labs will be recognized itself for the pioneering and exciting work it does within the technology market.

“Looking ahead, my goal for Lynk is to do the best I can for our shareholders, employees and technology segment within our industry. I am hopeful that Lynk Labs will one day be recognized for the innovative and pioneering contribution it has made to the LED industry globally with changing how LEDs are powered using AC voltages.”

Contact: Mike Miskin

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 2511 Technology Drive, Elgin, Illinois, 60124, USA

Phone: 001 847 783 0123