1st February 2018 – A new service launched today, GOTUS, will enable UK companies to confidently expand their businesses into North America. GOTUS has built an experienced team who have all worked extensively in North America and who together with a network of multi-disciplinary partners can offer a scalable and bespoke service to SME companies on both sides of the Atlantic. The idea being that this will accelerate their go-to-market strategies and quickly grow their businesses.

Key services that GOTUS is providing include: business planning, go-to-market planning, market analysis, research, discovery and process definition, channel recruitment, project management, legal, administrative and tax support and potential funding partners. GOTUS can also offer via UnaTerra, a complete legal, administrative and taxation advisory set up and execution service. This is critical for SME businesses as most states differ and knowing how to deal with each state is a vital ingredient for success.

Barney Quinn, Founder and Director comments: “North America is a complex market and requires the right approach. We help businesses with international expansion by employing a disciplined planning process and a set of turnkey solutions. This enables SME businesses to truly evaluate the business opportunity before they invest too heavily and then we can help them to get their operations up and running quickly. We also help to scale businesses and seek the right partnerships and really accelerate their go-to-market as well as help them to raise capital should they need it. This works both ways with some US companies who are also looking to expand internationally.”

GOTUS has been operating during 2017 but is now officially launching its services. It has already helped eight UK-based companies needing advice and support with their US expansion aspirations including:

• Advice on setup process, legal entity options and setup timelines
• Advice on immigration and visa issues
• Practical support in the process of applying for visas for UK employees transferring to the US including employment-related documentation and benefits
• Legal entity setup, tax registrations, payroll and accounting systems setup
• Ongoing payroll, accounting and compliance support
• Annual tax compliance services
• Ad hoc advice

Likewise it has helped a technology company that originally had operations in the US to expand into eight international locations and another client with international tax and accounting support. For more information on GOTUS please visit