Consumers more aware than ever of ability to opt out of marketing communications, new research finds


US consumers are now most likely to opt out according to the results of the latest international consumer research study from Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye, a leading SaaS digital marketing provider, has today released results of international research on changing consumer attitudes to shopping and promotional marketing. 

The research study results, summarised in the latest Eagle Eye white paper entitled “The Digital Imperative: Harnessing the Power of ‘Now’ with Performance-Driven Marketing,” suggest shoppers in the US are most likely to say they are more likely to opt out of marketing communications, now compared to six months ago. These communications include:
• Social media marketing and promotions (44%)
• Email marketing and promotions (42%)
• Text (SMS-based) marketing and promotions (42%)
• In-app or online location tracking (42%)
• Online web tracking, i.e. using cookies (42%)

However, US shoppers are no more likely than those in other markets surveyed to have opted out of marketing communications in the last six months from the retail brands and companies they purchase from most often. A third (32%) in the US, 28% in the UK, and 34% in Canada and Australia, have opted out of email marketing and promotions from their most used brands.

Other key findings of the study included:
• Consumers are more likely to visit a website or app via a PC or laptop to carry out research before making a purchase (cited by 68%) than they were to visit a conventional store or shop (67%).

• However, a clear majority (69%) of consumers still prefer to complete purchases in a physical store.

• Price still has the most influence on a consumer’s choice of retailer. But this is closely followed by relevant and timely promotions, discounts or rewards second, while recognising them for their continued custom comes a close third.

• Utility, cost-savings and relevance were the most important factors in deciding whether to redeem such promotion, discount or reward offers respectively. 

The research confirms it is imperative that companies and brands operating across retail and hospitality sectors, markets and online or offline sales channel prioritise the digital transformation of their marketing execution and investment.

As a result of the study findings, The Digital Imperative analyses where and when retailers should collect customer data and the insights they should look to generate from it; as well as what action they should take based on these insights; and how these actions can drive increased footfall and sales, as well as foster greater loyalty and trust.

Miya Knights, Head of Industry Insight at Eagle Eye, said: “The importance of digitally transforming marketing engagement to satisfy tech-led consumer expectations and win in the digital age has never been clearer. An increased tendency among consumers to opt out of marketing communications, coupled with a heightened desire for relevant engagement that offers value and utility, as well as cost savings, also means marketing management and execution must evolve beyond mass, broadcast media and towards more personalised, real-time connections – at the right time and place.”

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